How to Play Better on the EA FC 24 Defensive

U7BUY allows you to purchase video game currencies for all kinds of platforms. Purchase FUT coins for sale with us now! Playing defense can be pretty hard if you’re not used to it as a beginner player on EA FC 24. Luckily there are plenty of tips out there and here to help you know what is best to do.

Why is Having Good Defense Important?

With U7BUY, you can get some FC 24 coins Xbox One now! Good defense will help prevent you from losing a match at a rapid rate. The opposing team’s main goal is the same as yours when they have the ball and they will reach your goal post fast if you’re not careful. This means making lots of predictions of where your opponents will go and being able to counter it through both positioning and actions like blocking or stealing the ball directly.

However, lots of beginner players make the mistake of not really knowing how to defend at all. They don’t know where their opponents may travel and therefore may get overwhelmed with how to position their EA Sports FC team or may overuse certain moves that will only go against them in the end. That is why it is important to know how to read each possible scenario that may come your way over time and experience.

The Importance of Jockeying

To jockey, you will need to position your athlete in front of the opposing one that has the ball. Doing so will not only increase the chance of you being able to take the ball back but also to slow down the opposing athlete’s momentum and allow your FIFA team to better reposition themselves. However, this also gives ample time for the opposing teammates to get involved too, so keep an eye on them.

The point here is that when you are on defense, be sure to jockey the athlete with the ball when possible. However, over time you will learn that you can utilize other moves other than the jockey button. For example, don’t press it when you are about to enter a sprinting dual and just hone after the athlete instead!

Tackling vs. Jockeying

A lot of beginner FC 24 players may see tackling as a better option than jockeying for the ball or other actions. This is because tackling is a much more forceful way to attain the ball and therefore looks like it will give you a better chance of gaining the advantage. However, this just isn’t all that necessary as many may think.

Instead of tackling, just jockey instead. This will not only save you much more time but also heavily decrease the risks of gaining fouls. That is the ultimate risk of making too many tackles as it can also cause injuries on the field as well. Even if tackling saves you from losing a point, the fouls will only build up even more.

Sliding is a No-Go

Sliding is similar to the logic behind tackling only a bit less extreme. Sliding can be an important action in the case of an emergency, but this makes the move very situational. Never spam or overuse sliding to attain the ball when you can just jockey for it instead. This doesn’t make sliding useless, but just not the greatest move to make.

The Mastery of Athlete Switching

For any new player, not just to EA FC 24, but any sports game in general, you will quickly learn just how important it is to be able to quickly switch between athletes during a match. This will make the positioning that you create prior to the match play out to its maximum potential if you switch to your athletes right. This means knowing exactly when to switch and performing moves without hesitation. It is all about your timing at the end of the day which will come with practice.

Defending Against Passes

To jump off the importance of athlete switching, you will need to learn how to fight against great passes from your opponents. Whenever you suspect an opposing athlete about to pass the ball or have already done so, be sure to switch to the athlete closest to wherever the ball may be passed. After some practice, you can become almost like a mind reader when it comes to telling when passes will happen and when and who to switch to. Learn about the FC 24 Ultimate Team and how to build one up with U7BUY!