How to Refund a Game on Steam: Detailed Explanation

Steam refund

Have you ever spent money poorly on a game and thought it would have been better used elsewhere? I experienced that frequently during my years of gaming. But if that game purchase is on Steam, then great news!

If a person is experiencing problems with their purchase, they can contact Steam to obtain a refund. The reasons might be technical issues, like a game crash, or other reasons, like a wrong buy. In most instances, Steam will refund your purchase.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the whole Steam refund request procedure. Let’s also discuss the requirements for a refund, how to receive a refund quickly, and a few important tips and tricks!

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How to Refund a Game on Steam

Follow these simple steps to refund a game on Steam

Both the Steam client and a browser may be used for this.

On your browser, access and log in with your Steam ID and password

For your Steam Client, after logging in, select Help > Steam Support. From this point on, using the Steam client or browser will accomplish the same thing.

Click on Purchases, then select “View complete purchasing history.” Everything you’ve bought, including games, DLCs, and even anything from the Steam Store, can be found here.

Select the game you wish to refund and then you should click “I would like a refund” and then click on “I’d like to request a refund.”

Choose the proper option under reasons, and don’t forget to include more information in the “Notes” part. Next, press the button labeled “Submit Request.”

The money will be credited back to you after the automated system has finished processing your refund request.

Here’s another method to refund a game. Once you access Steam support, you will see all of your recent purchases under the “Recent Products” tab. Click on the game you want to refund and follow these steps. This is a more detailed way to refund a game on Steam.

Once you’ve selected the game, if you’re facing any technical issues, go with “Gameplay or technical issue.” For any other reason, go with “It’s not what I expected.” After selecting any of the two options, click on “I’d like to request a refund” and follow the same steps as above.

No matter which method you use, sometimes the request may be denied if certain requirements are not fulfilled, or it may be sent to manual support, who will examine it and take appropriate action. Let’s see what those conditions exactly are.

Requirements to Meet for Refunding a Game on Steam

Ensure that the refund request is submitted before 14 days from the date of purchase.

The playtime hours of that game should not be more than 2 hours.

This is to stop players from abusing the refund system. A lot of players purchase a game, play it, and then refund it. To tackle this problem, Steam introduced these conditions.

These are the fundamental requirements. However, if you’re facing any technical problems after the time restriction, you could nonetheless apply for a refund and explain the trouble.

For instance, a new update may bring in a whole lot of bugs and faults; in this case, you are eligible for a refund even if you do not meet the above two requirements.

Steam cannot refund any products that you’ve purchased outside and redeemed on Steam. Example: Steam cannot refund games and wallet money that have been purchased through a key from third-party websites.

Additionally, games that are permanently deleted from your account cannot be refunded by Steam.

The Best Practices for Successfully Receiving a Refund

Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth refund process on Steam.

First things first: read the Steam refund policy carefully and adhere to the requirements to qualify for a refund.

Be careful to take action within 14 days of purchase and before the two-hour playtime.

Make sure you choose the proper reason and include any more details in the “Notes” box. To help the support staff handle the refund procedure more easily, please provide as much information as you can here.

If Steam support contacts you, try to be as honest as possible and be polite and patient. It is always a good idea to act with respect towards the support staff.

Verify that all of the refund information is accurate before hitting the submit request button.

If you’ve decided to change your mind or have any other reason, you can also withdraw your request for a refund.

Conclusion and a Few Tips

Games purchased through the Steam wallet will only be refunded to the wallet. Games purchased by other means, like debit or credit card, PayPal, etc., can both be refunded to the original payment method or the Steam wallet.

Keep in mind that Steam has one of the best support systems and refund policies, so do not abuse the refund system. Steam will keep track of all your purchases and refunds. If you are constantly using their refund system without proper reasons, your future refunds might be rejected.

Sometimes, the game might go on sale for a cheaper price within 14 days after you’ve purchased it. Do not worry; you can still apply for a refund if you played it for less than 2 hours and re-purchase the game at the sale price!

Make sure you purchase the game through the Steam store directly if you want to receive a refund in the future. Refunds for products and games that were bought from outside websites and used on Steam is not possible.

Before you buy the game, watch gameplay videos, reviews, and trailers without any spoilers. After that, deciding whether or not to buy the game will be simple.

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