How To Use Elixir Spells In Clash of Clans

U7BUY grants you access to a bunch of new video games you can buy and play at great prices right now, including online game accounts. Get some cheap COC accounts today! Elixir Spells are some of the first spells that any Clash of Clans player will be introduced to, and they will prove to be incredibly useful. But what are they and how do you use each one?

To start making Elixir Spells, you are going to need to build a Clash of Clans Spell Factory in your village first. To do this, your Town Hall must reach level 5 for the factory to unlock at all. You can only have one factory at a time placed down no matter how high your Town Hall level may be, so make sure you place it in a good spot.

The Clash of Clans factory itself will stay at a pretty small size of 3×3 even after it gets upgraded to its maximum level. This will make it easier to place it in a cozy and safe spot in your village, especially while it’s brewing some COC Elixir Spells for you. As the Clash of Clans Spell Factory is upgraded per level of the Town Hall, the more spells you will unlock to make.

The COC Lightning Spell is the very first Elixir Spell you will unlock once the Clash of Clans Spell Factory has finished being built up. When created and used during a raid battle, lightning will be spawned wherever the Elixir is placed and cause damage to enemy COC troops and other buildings. The lightning will also stun enemies and defense buildings for a short period of time, so be sure to take advantage of that!

Clash of Clans Lightning Spells overall can be a very quick and smart way to pause enemy attacks to clear a way for your own troops to do some extra damage and enter the enemy village. This makes timing very important when using this spell, so it may take some practice to know when the best time is to use it for your COC troops to rush in.

The Healing Spell is the second to be unlocked after your Town Hall reaches level 6 and your Spell Factory is at level 2. This Clash of Clans spell is pretty self-explanatory through its name alone, but the way it heals COC troops is unique. Wherever the Healing Spell is placed in the village during a raid, a small golden ring will form in its radius. Any one of your troops whether they be on the ground or in the air within the ring will be healed over time.

The Clash of Clans Health Spell is best used whenever your troops are together in larger crowds and therefore before they spread out. The spell is also much more useful with troops or COC Heroes with smaller maximum health amounts because they will heal much faster. Of course, use these spells wisely since they essentially give your army a second chance, and with enough practice, try using them with other spells at the same time too!

The Rage Spell is the third to be unlocked through the Clash of Clans Spell Factory after upgrading it to level 3. This spell is very similar to the Healing Spell in how it works, only it increases multiple other stats instead. All your COC troops that are within the Rage Spell’s purple ring radius that is formed will have all of their damage and movement speed stats increased including how fast they are healed for a short period.

This Clash of Clans spell overall will last for about 18 seconds which is an incredibly long time when you are in a raid battle. The increase in these stats can become a game-changer, especially when combined with a Healing Spell that will make healing your troops much faster. You will want to have as many of your strong troops affected as possible, so good luck!

Now that we have gone over the three basic Clash of Clans spells, there are a couple of others that can be unlocked that are a bit more niche. The Clone Spell is one of these, but it is unlocked after your Town Hall reaches level 10, which will take a while. However, this spell is incredibly powerful thanks to its ability to clone your COC troops, making it potentially twice as big!

There are lots of Elixir Spells in Clash of Clans that when used correctly at the right time or in combination with other spells can make you a master at raids. Once you unlock each COC spell, don’t be afraid to experiment with each one to quickly get better and better with your timing. Soon enough you will become a Clash of Clans spell-casting master. Top up COC with U7BUY!