Kit Brawl Stars Guide: Best Kit Build

Brawl Stars Kit

If you got the chance to buy Brawl Stars gems cheap, then you should look into getting some new Brawl Stars Brawlers. The game doesn’t give you all of the Brawlers from the get-go. You actually have to either earn them by playing the game or simply buy them from the shop. The Brawlers in the shop have some hits and misses, but Kit is one Brawler that you should try getting.

Kit is a fantastic Brawler with the potential to be a really good Brawler when used as a Support character. But Kit isn’t going to be a good support if he goes by himself. He will need a good build to go along with him if he wants to be able to actually be usable and helpful in the game. That’s why we’ve got the best Kit build you can use right here.

Best Kit Build

Before we start, we have to learn everything about Kit. This kitty is a rather weak Brawler compared to the others. He has a short-range attack, low health, and a low damage output as well. Kit does have great way to deal damage though. In his alternate mode, Kit can go from short-range and low-damage attacks to long-range and high-damage attacks.

Here are his stats that are all at base value:

StatsBase Value
Movement Speed820
Attack3.67 (Normal form), 7.33 (Alternate form)
Reload0.8 seconds (Normal form), 2 seconds (Alternate form)
Super Charge per hit25%
Attack Spread75 degrees
Projectile Spread1900
Super Range6.67

As you can see, Kit isn’t going to do well as a fighter. But remember that Kit is a Support character. He’s going to shine more once we use the build that is specifically designed to bring out the best in his Support capabilities.


Kit is going to need the right Gadget in order to be a successful Support. So the best Gadget for him would be the Cardboard Box. It gives him fantastic versatility that allows him to double his Super charge when he is just standing still. Not only that, he is also invisible for five seconds once he starts moving in the Cardboard Box.

This will allow him to sneak around a little and charge up his Super for when he is really needed. This can easily change the tide of a battle when he shows up.

Star Power

Kit has an ability that lets him attach himself to other Brawl Stars Brawlers to give himself and them a damage boost. That is what makes him a great Support. Naturally, we want to increase the effectiveness of that ability. With the Overly Attached Star Power, Kit will be able to attach himself to his fellow Brawlers for an additional 5 seconds longer.


There are two ways we can go around with Kit’s Gear. One of which will focus on him being a Support, while the others improve his Damage. His first Gear will be Gadget Charge. This will allow Kit to use his Gadget an additional time to better charge his Super and sneak around some more.

The other Gear is the Damage Gear. This one is more basic and essentially just increases his damage output by 15% when his health goes below 50%.

Kit’s Best Modes

The little guy doesn’t have a lot of modes that he’s good in. His win rate for most game modes like Duo Showdown and Knockout doesn’t break the 60% mark. There is one game mode where he does shine though, and that is Bossfight. Kit mains have a 69.5% win rate for those who jump in.

It makes sense as Kit is a great Support Brawler and this build is specifically designed to have him help his teammates more than himself. In Bossfight, Kit will be able to boost the damage output of himself and his allies to get a better chance at winning.

In Conclusion

Kit is a great Support Brawler all and all. This build essentially brings out the best in him when out on the battlefield with other players. If you want to give Kit a shot, you can try looking for some Brawl Stars accounts for sale that have him specifically.