Last Epoch Guide to Attunement Points

Last Epoch Guide to Attunement Points

Attunement is one of the many crucial stats in Last Epoch that you should be aware of. Knowing this stat and how it functions is essential for mana-based classes like Primalists, Mages, and Acolytes, as they are directly impacted by it. Last Epoch Attunement enhances talents that depend on the character’s natural magic and the magic around them by giving two Mana per point. Due to its ability to increase the player’s mana pool and boost the potency of various class-specific skills, Attunement is essential. Notably, it also increases the power of skills in less evident classes, such as Rogue, demonstrating its wide range of applications. In this guide, let us go over all the major pointers you must know about the Last Epoch Attunement points.

What exactly is Last Epoch Attunement?

Attunement is one of the primary stats in Last Epoch. It has an impact on certain classes’ skill scaling and mana pools. This is especially useful for classes whose attacks require a lot of Mana. If your regeneration can keep up, in circumstances such as the Mage, your magic attacks may take the place of your physical attacks entirely. Among the best early examples is Natural Attunement, a passive that awards an Attunement point after each of your eight upgrades. At low investment levels, the effect of Attunement on attack power might not be very obvious, but as more points are spent, the effect becomes noticeable. It’s crucial to remember that Attunement does not affect every ability.

Your mana pool will grow by two for every point in this trait, which isn’t a strong indication. Nevertheless, if you invest more points, you’ll be able to access previously impossible spells because of their cost; cheap spells will then just serve as a resource that can be easily expended. Still, not every ability is reliant on this stat. By looking up its requirements, you may see which stat impacts a spell or ability. This may be accomplished by moving your mouse pointer over the skill and pressing ALT to see all the stats required to scale its damage.

Last Epoch Attunement

Classes Impacted by Attunement

Attunement has the main advantages on Classes that mostly use Mana to cast their abilities, like:

Mage: In Last Epoch, the Mage is a ranged magic user. The Mage may use lightning, cold, and fire powers to wield lethal magic in a variety of ways. The Mage can use Volcanic Orb to burn through opponents, freeze them with Glacier, or electrocute them with Lightning Blast by creating waves of ice.

Acolyte: The Acolyte is a practitioner of the dark arts who summons the undead to fight with her using magic. With the many banned spells at your disposal as an Acolyte, you can weaken your enemies while draining their life force.

Primalist: The Primalist is a vicious fighter who fused the elemental power of nature with the physical might of weapons. Among their many abilities, the Primalist is one of the most helpful characters in Last Epoch since they can surround themselves with lethal storms and conjure strong totems.

How does it work?

Being one of your primary character stats, Mana will change depending on your Attunement number. High Attunement levels are necessary for classes like the Mage to have high Mana. You can improve your Attunement in various ways, such as by adding points as you gain experience.

Additionally, you can level up the Natural Attunement Passive for Primalists, which gives you one Attunement point every time. Additionally, Mages have passives like Wisdom that can enhance your Mana directly.

Upgrading Attunement

Upgrading Attunement has the advantage of giving you two Mana instead of simply one. If you want to build up a lot of Mana, concentrate on this attribute for your class. If not, you can invest in some of those Passives up to eight times each, boosting your Mana significantly.

Additionally, Equipping your equipment with Attunement Shards is a further method of increasing your Attunement. When you wear that particular gear piece, this will add an affix that will raise your Attunement level. Along with other types of Shards, Attunement Shards can be found randomly from enemy drops. Simply keep an eye out for them in your inventory.

Last Epoch Attunement Upgrade

How to get Last Epoch Attunement Shards?

Overall benefits

  • Increased Mana Pool: This lets you cast more spells before running out of Mana.
  • Enhanced Magic Damage: Raises the amount of damage dealt by attunement-based skills.
  • Stronger Heals: Increases the efficacy of acolyte healing spells.
  • Enhanced Utility: Raises the potency of attunement-based magic skills that do not cause damage.


Although Attunement is useful for magic users, it must be balanced with other build-relevant stats like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc., to guarantee overall efficacy. Scaling is also especially important as the degree of Attunement scaling varies throughout skills. Think about concentrating on abilities that gain a lot from Attunement investment.


To sum up, Last Epoch Attunement Points are essential to character development and customisation. They allow you to customise your character’s skills, increase damage output, and strengthen defences. By strategically using your Attunement Points, you can enhance your character’s build to best suit their preferred playstyle.

The system’s flexibility also lets you try out various configurations and discover new ideas for exploration. For characters in Last Epoch who use magic abilities, Attunement is essential. You may maximise your build and improve your performance by knowing how it works, how it impacts your character, and how to balance it with other particular stats, particularly for Mastery classes. Don’t forget to purchase Last Epoch gold from U7BUY for smoother gameplay while exploring Attunement Points.