Last Epoch Guide to Sanctum of the Architect

Last Epoch Guide to Sanctum of the Architect

Getting across Last Epoch’s high-level sections, which are vast regions brimming with formidable enemies and mouthwatering treasure, requires a careful grasp of their particular difficulties and benefits. The Last Epoch Sanctum of the Architect is a region where you can battle the boss, Architect Liath. It’s an area that is of advanced levels and you can only survive there if you’re on a high level. You will eventually be taken to the Sanctum of the Architect area by the game itself as part of an attempt to kill Architect Liath.

Sanctum of the Architect is also considerably harder to locate on a map and much harder to get to because it lacks a quick travel point. Prophecies from the circle of Fortune might give you the objective of killing the Architect Liath, allowing you to go to the Sanctum of the Architect. The area can be easily navigated and cleared once you know the right mechanics. In this guide, we will tell you about the best ways you can navigate this area and defeat the boss.

Location of the Sanctum of the Architect

The Sanctum of the Architect cannot be reached by teleportation as it doesn’t have a waypoint. The location of the Sanctum of the Architect is in the Divine Era; however, you can’t go there directly from the map. Rather, you must navigate through the Temple of Lagon located on the Isle of Storm area of the map. Once you make your way fast to The Temple of Lagon, you come across The Temple Depths and can access the Sanctum of the Architect only after clearing this area. There will be opponents to vanquish in every location; therefore, fight through multiple areas to reach Architect Liath.

Last Epoch Sanctum of the Architect Location

The Best Type of Gear for the Sanctum of the Architect

It is important to ensure you are well-prepared for the challenges ahead before stepping out into the unknown. Developing your character’s equipment and level will lay the groundwork for a fruitful journey. Take time to evaluate your gear, make any necessary upgrades, and arm yourself with the greatest equipment for your character.

  • As a level 53 region, the Sanctum of the Architect is home to very formidable foes such as Twinned Meruna Ogre of Shadows, Adrift Meruna, Thuluraan, Adrift Meruna of the Lizard, etc. Since many adversaries in these locations use Lightning strikes, increase your Lightning Resistance if you are having trouble getting past them.
  • Use the forge to add Lightning Resistance to your gear whenever you can or to improve items that already have it. Lightning resistance is essential because one strike might destroy you if you’re not careful.
  • Additionally crucial are patches like Health on Hit and Health Leech, which give you steady health increases without requiring you to deplete your Potion supply.
  • While this high enemy concentration might undoubtedly lead to some difficulties, it also expedites the completion of Prophecies that require you to visit the Sanctum of the Architect.

Defeating the Architect Liath

When you start fighting Liath, keep an eye out for her white hazes on the ground to time your dodges against her lightning-fast blows. When her health bar starts to decrease, you also need to be cautious of the structures that she creates. So avoiding Architect Liath’s attacks, which are indicated on the ground by a white haze just before lightning strikes, is the key to defeating her in the Sanctum of the Architect. This battle can be somewhat intricate due to Liath’s high mobility and the room’s capacity to conceal her teleportation location. She also sends you a lot of spells, which depletes a lot of your health. Hence, the plan is to avoid these spells while simultaneously using them to figure out where they came from. And, consequently, where Liath was teleported into the room.

When you locate her, use the chance to deal the most damage to her before she teleports away once more. Architect Liath also possesses a circle lightning attack that resembles the other attacks before it launches. However, you can stand in the centre of the attack to avoid the damage.

As soon as you get Architect Liath’s health down to about 70%, she will start creating some lethal structures. You can eliminate them quite easily. But they can overwhelm you, so expect at least a couple each time she teleports. Keep an eye on your health bar at all times, take a potion as needed, and replenish your supply by picking up dropped potions. Also, don’t focus too much on these constructs; concentrate on taking out Architect Liath.

Last Epoch Architect Liath


There are many rewards for defeating the boss. After killing this boss, the enigma Last Epoch Sanctum of the Architect prophecy of the circle of fortune will be completed. Then you get suitable rewards, such as an increase in rank and reputation, will follow.

Things to remember

Make sure to save your progress by teleporting to the nearest town by pressing T (in the Temple of Depths). You must do that to maintain your progress and will have to start again the next time you play.


In conclusion, the game’s complex systems and challenging encounters make for a thrilling experience at The Sanctum of the Architect. This area, which demonstrates Architect Liath’s abilities, is a maze of challenging riddles, strong opponents, and amazing rewards. Completing the Sanctum necessitates a thorough comprehension of the game’s mechanics and careful planning. Also, don’t forget to purchase Last Epoch gold for a smooth gameplay experience.