Melodie Brawl Stars Guide: Best Melodie Build

Managed to buy Brawl Stars account? Then you should have some awesome Brawl Stars Brawlers just waiting to be used. Brawl Stars is filled with lots of fighters called Brawlers. These Brawlers can be selected to fight against other Brawlers until victory is achieved. One such Brawler that is consistently called the best of the best is Melodie Brawl Stars.

But Melodie isn’t good on her own. You will need to actually build Melodie to become the overpowered Brawler many are saying she is. But how can you do that? Well, you have come to the right place. In this Brawl Stars guide, you’re going to learn how to create the best Melodie build in Brawl Stars.

Best Melodie Build

Before we start building Melodie Brawl Stars, first have to understand Melodie. This is a character that focuses on long-range attacks. She’s got moderately high health and has the highest damage potential in the game. She’s able to hit enemies with her musical notes that, once they hit an enemy, will cause notes to appear around her. These notes can then deal damage should any enemy try and hurt her.

Here are her stats at their base value:

StatsBase Value
Movement Speed720
Attack8 (Normal attack), 2 (Monster Notes)
Reload1.5 seconds
Super Charge per hit25%
Attack Spread360 degrees (Monster Notes)
Projectile Spread4500 (Normal Attack), 860 (Monster Notes)
Super Range5.33

You now know how Melodie works. The next thing to do is to actually build Melodie. Without the right Gadget, Gear, and Star Power, you won’t be able to unleash Melodie’s full potential.


Melodie has a couple of Gadgets that she can use. Both of which are fantastic. But there is one Gadget that stands out between the two of them. Interlude is a Gadget that increases the effectiveness of the Monster Notes that surround her by 10%. That means that Melodie can have a shield around her that goes up to 45% when all of her notes are active.

There is a downside to this Gadget though. The shield decays by 5% every 0.5 seconds until it eventually just goes away completely. Only use this Gadget when you are surrounded by enemies to give yourself a fighting chance.


We know that Melodie has the highest damage potential in the game. With that in mind, it’s obvious that we should pick out Damage as one of the Gears to use. This practically increases Melodie’s damage output by 15% to her Extra Damage when she is below 50% of her health.

For her other gear, it’s recommended to get Gadget Charge. Interlude is a fantastic and helpful Gadget to use. That’s why it’s important to be able to use Gadget Charge to get more charges of Interlude.

Star Power

Melodie’s Star Power selections primarily focus on her notes and how to make them even more effective. Fast Beats is the better selection between her two Star Powers. That’s because she gets a 6% increased Movement Speed for each note revolving around her.

With this Star Power, Melodie can run circles around her movements and put some space between her and her enemies. Combining this with Interlude, she’ll have great defenses as well.

Melodie’s Best Modes

You now have the best Melodie build for your Brawler. This build will allow Melodie to primarily dominate in game modes that have a lot of enemies in one game. Game modes like Knockout, Wipeout, 5v5 are game modes that Melodie can excel in.

It’s also the best way to train this brawler in the game. Melodie has great damage and defenses at this point. Training this brawler to fight in tense situations will help in developing instincts when using this brawler.

In Conclusion

Melodie is one of the most overpowered Brawl Stars characters and many can see that. She’s definitely going to stay in the meta for a while before she eventually gets nerfed. For now, you’re now able to use this strong brawler thanks to this build. So get some cheap Brawl Stars gems and jump into some games to dominate your foes.