New FUT 23 Live Viewership Rewards Are Now Available

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What You Need to Know About the FUT 23 Live Viewership Rewards

The structure of this program is based on tokens. When you watch select Twitch events, you acquire tokens. The tokens are transformed into prizes via Squad Building Challenges. The prizes include Premium, Prime, and Jumbo packs. To commemorate the UEFA Champions League final, a UCL pack joins the list of rewards. You must watch for at least an hour to receive the token. The next event that rewards a token is the eChampions League final. The game will take place on June 6th. Three days after the final, the Virtual Bundesliga Grand Final begins. The two-day event is also in the Live Viewership program. The Global Series Playoffs are also included. To be eligible for the rewards, you must link your FUT 23 account with your Twitch or YouTube account. It is very easy to do this. All you must do is to follow a few simple steps. The accounts will be linked in a couple of minutes and you will be all set to receive the rewards. The reward token is guaranteed. Naturally, you might wonder what happens when you watch on both Twitch and YouTube. You can earn the token from each website, but you cannot claim the reward twice. You cannot use the token twice to complete the same Squad Building Challenge. So, stick to one platform as there are no benefits from receiving the same token from both platforms. Each event grants one token. You will not earn more than one token per event no matter how long you watch. If you have more than one FUT 23 account, make sure to link the one on which you want to get the prize. Keep in mind that it may take up to a day until you receive the token in your game account. After you have enough tokens, check in the game for the SBCs that allow you to turn tokens into packs.