Summoners War: Sky Arena – Runes Guide for Beginners

While cute and cool monsters are an important part of your Summoners War: Sky Arena journey, you really can’t progress much if you don’t equip them with the right Summoners War runes. But while runes are very helpful and can give boosts to your team, the whole runes mechanic can get a bit overwhelming for newbies.

Rune sets? Rune stats and bonuses? Upgrades with Mana Stones? Where to farm runes? It can get too much! So we’ve made a quick Summoners War rune guide to help the newbies out there. Scroll down to learn all about runes in Summoners War: Sky Arena—we promise you’ll have a rune-tastic time! Or you can get all the runes and monsters you’ll need by finding Summoners War accounts for sale on U7BUY.

What Are Summoners War Runes?

Runes in Summoners War: Sky Arena are stones that you attach to your monsters to get stat boosts and bonuses. On their own, they don’t do much. But when used together with other runes, they form a set that can give unique boosts to your units. These stat boosts range from HP bonuses and improving your accuracy to getting extra turns and even draining life from your opponents.

How to Use Runes in Summoners War: Sky Arena

You just have to attach runes to your monster. Go to the rune page and attach runes to the star-shaped rune holder. Each monster has six slots for runes, so it’s up to you to mix and match rune sets to get your desired stat boosts.

Some rune sets only need two to form a set, while others need four runes. You can have a combination of a two-runes set and a four-runes set, or have three two-runes sets—it’s all up to you and your strategy!

What Are the Kinds of Runes in Summoners War: Sky Arena?

These are the runes available in the game: Energy for HP boost, Fatal for an attack power boost, Blade for added critical rate, Swift for more attack speed, Focus for accuracy, Guard for defense, Endure for added resistance, Shield for more Ally Shield turns, Revenge for more chances on a counterattack, Will for added immunity per turn, and Nemesis for more attack gauge.

Vampire runes can do life drain, Destroy can permanently reduce the enemy’s HP in battle, Despair increases your stun rate (inflicted on enemies), Violent increases your chance to get another turn, Rage gives you more crit damage, Fight boosts your allies’ attacks, Determination boosts your allies’ defense, Enhance adds to your allies’ HP, Accuracy boosts your allies’ accuracy rates, and lastly, Tolerance increases your allies’ resistance rates.

Where Can You Get Runes in Summoners War: Sky Arena?

Got some Summoners War runes you want to collect? No need to run around and be confused about where to get them. Here are the locations in the game that drop specific runes:

Garen Forest – Energy,

Giant’s Keep – Energy, Fatal, Blade, Swift, Despair

Mt. Siz – Fatal,

Kabir Ruins – Blade

Mt. White Ragon – Swift

Telain Forest – Focus

Dragon’s Lair – Focus, Guard, Endure, Shield, Revenge, Violent

Hydeni Ruins – Guard

Tamor Desert – Endure

Vrofagus Ruins – Shield

Faimon Volcano – Revenge

Aiden Forest – Will

Necropolis – Will, Nemesis, Vampire, Destroy, Rage

Ferun Castle – Nemesis

Mt. Runar – Vampire

Chiruka Remains – Destroy

Rift Dungeon – Fight, Determination, Enhance, Accuracy, Tolerance

What Do Rune Rarities Mean in Summoners War?

Similar to monsters, runes have their own rarities too. The rarer the rune is, the more secondary effects it has, which means you gotta keep the higher-rarity ones!

Each rarity actually has a designated color so it’s easy for players to tell. There are a total of five rarities. Here are the different rune rarities in Summoners War:

Normal – White color, with zero secondary effects

Magic – Green color, with one secondary effect

Rare – Blue color, with two secondary effects

Hero – Purple color, with three secondary effects

Legendary – Orange color, with four secondary effects

How to Upgrade Runes in Summoners War?

You can upgrade or power up your runes with the use of Mana Stones. An upgraded rune, especially at higher levels, gives more powerful stat effects. But the caveat is that upgrading runes is chance-based!

This means that the higher your runes’ level is, the lower the chance the upgrade will be successful. At lower levels, it’s not a problem at all. For example, a rune upgrading from level 1 to 3 will be 100% successful and a rune leveling up from 3 to 4 is 85%. But a rune upgrading from level 8 to 9 will only have a 30% success rate, and it gets lower than that at the highest level, with level 14 to 15 at only a 5% success rate. May lady luck be with you, Summoner!

What Are the Prefix Titles or Innate Stats in Runes?

Other than the main and secondary stats of a rune, each rune also has its own innate stat depending on the prefix or title the rune has. For example, an Energy rune can have the prefix of Strong (Strong Energy Rune), and underneath the main stat, you’ll see that it has a health or HP bonus. That’s the bonus innate stat of the rune!

These innate stats are cool and all, but they’re totally random and can’t be upgraded at all. You best hope you get lucky and stumble upon a really good one!

Here is the list of prefixes and the bonus stats they give:

Strong – additional HP (between 52-355)

Tenacious – additional HP% (between 1-8%)

Ferocious – additional Attack (between 2-7)

Powerful – additional Attack% (between 1-8%)

Sturdy – additional Defense (between 2-17)

Durable – additional Defense% (between 1-8%)

Quick – additional Speed (between 1-6)

Mortal – additional crit rate% (between 1-6%)

Cruel – additional crit damage% (between 1-7%)

Resistant – additional resistance% (between 1-8%)

Intricate – additional accuracy% (between 1-8%)

And that’s the gist of our Summoners War rune guide. Still feeling overwhelmed? Don’t throw in the towel yet! To make things easier, how about seeing our Best Monsters in Summoners Wars article for the deets?