The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Guide to Lucent Citadel Trial

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Guide to Lucent Citadel Trial

Even the most experienced explorers will find the ESO Lucent Citadel Trial challenging. Precise collaboration and a thorough comprehension of every interaction are necessary to navigate this Trial. The Lucent Citadel is a new Trial event included in the Gold Road chapter DLC. Numerous awards can be unlocked by participating in this 12-player Trial, which is accessible on the Public Test Server. There are two ways to play the Lucent Citadel Trial: normal and veteran. It is situated in the Telvanni Peninsula Zone.

Each boss has their hard mode in The Elder Scrolls Online Lucent Citadel Trial. The Telvanni Peninsula trial is also commonly referred to by the acronym LC. Be warned that you and your friends will face many strange beasts and magical obstacles on your journey through the ESO Lucent Citadel. Every battle will test your party’s strength and cunning, whether with one of the four bosses or their various minions.

Senior Content Designer Shane Slama said while explaining the plot that the monsters that reside in the citadel were dormant until recently. He added that the Lucent Citadel is an old Daedric vault located in the wastelands of Fargrave. Now, in this guide, we will lead you through every step and go over all the necessary details for you to know about this Trial.

ESO Lucent Citadel Trial Location

Players can access the West Weald zone when The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Chapter releases in June 2024. On the main map, go to West Weald, located west of Cyrodiil. Lucent Citadel Trial may be reached by heading north from the shine. Expect a difficult collection of new bosses and mob battles with novel dynamics. Upon completing the Trial, players will receive new item sets, achievements, and collectable gifts.

Trial objective

Assist Keshargo in solving the Lucent Citadel’s Arcane Knot.

ESO Lucent Citadel Trial Location

What is Lucent Echoes?

The Elder Scrolls Online has a set called Lucent Echoes. It is a Heavy Armor with four perks that are part of the Gold Road DLC. It is a trial set that is very difficult to acquire and is generally used for tank types. Lucent Echoes is a set that can only be obtained by completing the Lucent Citadel trial. The set bonuses include:

  • 2 items – Increases Healing by 4%.
  • 3 items – Acquire Minor Aegis to instantly reduce the damage that you take from Trial, Arena, and Dungeon Monsters by 5%.
  • 4 items – Increases maximum Health by 1206.
  • 5 items – Increase your group members’ Critical Damage and Healing by 15% while you have more than 50% Health remaining. Also, it adds 1206 Maximum Health; also, those in the group who are wearing Lucent Echoes are not eligible for this effect. You can take 20% less damage from enemies while you are at 50% health or less than that.

Other Amazing Rewards of ESO Lucent Citadel Trial

Players can obtain different body and facial markings, exclusive titles, housing items, and a mount – the Refulgent Mirrormoor Steed – after finishing the Achievements in the Lucent Citadel. Players who finish the Knot Worthy Achievement – which requires them to have finished all of the Trial’s achievements, can receive this mount as a prize. Also, earn a red Skill Style which is obtained through the Lucent Citadel Vanquisher achievement for the Expert Hunter skill.

Armour sets

Mora Scribe Thesis

  • 2 items – Increases Critical Chance by 657.
  • 3 items – At all times, get Minor Slayer, which increases your damage dealt to Trial, Arena, and Dungeon monsters by 5%.
  • 4 items – Increases Magicka to 1096 Maximum.
  • 5 items – For each Major Buff currently applied to you, your Critical Chance will increase by 128—up to a maximum of 1536. For each Minor Buff that is active on you, your Critical Damage done increases by 1%, for a maximum of 12% Critical Damage done.
ESO Lucent Citadel Trial Mora Scribe Thesis

Silvers of the Null Arca

  • 2 items – Increases Critical Chance by 657.
  • 3 items – At all times, get Minor Slayer, which increases your damage dealt to Trial, Arena, and Dungeon monsters by 5%.
  • 4 items – Increases Critical Chance by 657.
  • 5 items – If you do Critical Damage, you will gain a 10-second stack of Sliver. Every 0.5 seconds, you can only acquire one stack of Sliver. The crystals launch at the last adversary you damaged, causing 1311 Physical Damage, as soon as you obtain your third stack. Your weapon or spell damage is scaled off by this damage. For five seconds after launching the crystals, you are unable to obtain Sliver.

Xoryn’s Masterpiece

  • 2 items – Adds 1,096 Max Magicka.
  • 3 items – Permanently gain Minor Aegis and 5% less damage from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters.
  •  4 items – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery.
  • 5 items – Within 28 meters, increase the character’s maximum magicka and stamina by 1,667 for themselves and up to 11 additional group members. This effect lasts until they die.
  • 5 items – (Perfected ones) Add a maximum of 1,096 Magicka.


In conclusion, the Gold Road Chapter has many exciting new activities for you to partake in, and conquering these tasks can net you various exclusive in-game goodies. Winning the ESO Lucent Citadel trial will award you many rewards, including various types of armour sets and achievements. Players are given an enhanced and difficult experience in The Elder Scrolls Online’s Lucent Citadel Trial, which tests their abilities to coordinate, adapt, and work as a team. Don’t forget to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Gold from U7BUY for a smoother gameplay experience in the Gold Road chapter.