The Rarest Brawl Stars Skins You Should Know

What is up? Brawlers! Let me ask you something: is there any gamer in this world who doesn’t like skins?

Especially in a game like Brawl Stars, which is known for having one of the best-looking skins among all the games.

Out of all these Brawl Stars skins, only a few have managed to achieve the “rare” status. Any gamer who loves skins and items would usually have two main reasons. One, the skin actually looks good and two, it is a rare collection.

Collecting rare skins is a thing in every game, and it gives you a special feeling, especially when you equip it and join a game! In this guide, I am going to talk about such skins—the rarest Brawl Stars skins you should know.

Unlocking these Brawl Stars skins is not an easy task! It’s either really hard and luck-based to get these or it is nearly impossible because a few of these skins might not even be attainable anymore, making them even more rare.

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This beautiful-looking skin is a limited-time skin available to claim in June 2020. This skin was released to celebrate the launch of Brawl Stars in China.

This is a Chinese-themed skin. You can see Jessie with classic red and yellow clothing, the same colors that you would normally see during Chinese festivals. It is very pleasing to the eye.

The skin doesn’t have any custom animations, but it is one of the best-looking skins in Brawl Stars.

Though it is a free Brawl Stars skin, it was only available for a limited time, and it most likely will never return, making it a rare Jessie skin.



I feel like this is one of the best Brawl Stars skins in the entire game. This skin comes with a custom model, custom effects, custom animations, custom sounds, and a custom voice.

That is not all; this amazing skin has two more variants, called the Gold Mecha Crow and the Night Mecha Crow. All three variants look great on Crow; I think the Night Mecha Crow is the coolest.

This skin gives a futuristic robot look to Crow, and the custom sounds and voices also sound like a robot.

This skin does show up in the shop from time to time, but what makes this Brawl Stars skin so rare is its cost. It costs a whopping 299 gems, and it is a no-brainer that not many people can spend that much on skin, making this a rare crow skin.

I think it’s worth it to spend that amount of gems; it’s a good-looking and rare skin after all. Make sure to visit Brawl Stars Shop if you’re looking to buy gems, items, accounts, and top-ups.



If you’re an OG player of Brawl Stars, I hope you’ve managed to claim your Star Shelly skin!

This skin was released in 2018 and was given for free; it’s been almost 6 years since the day of its release.

I mean, looks-wise, with a backward ball cap, a headset, and a futuristic blaster-like gun, she really does look like a star! Shelly Brawl Stars gets more of an arcade-style appearance with this skin. This is a great appearance change compared to how boring her base model looks.

How can a free skin come under rare skins? Well, only the OG players of Brawl Stars have this skin, giving it a rare status. In a way, if you see a player wearing this skin, you know he is a very experienced Brawl Stars player and not to be messed with.

The fact that you could only claim this skin back in 2018 and that was the time when Brawl Stars wasn’t as popular as today, makes Star Shelly an OG rare skin.



Virus 8-bit is a limited edition Brawl Stars skin that was only available for 12 days during the 2020 lunar year.

As a part of the lunar sale, this skin was first released in Brawl Stars for 300 gems.

What happens if our beloved 8-bit gets infected with a virus? That is what this skin is about. It gives a really interesting look to 8-bit, with neon green as the primary color. 8-bit has claw-like legs and an evil look on the face.

The best part is the voice lines. Firstly, it is a little bit toxic and secondly, it sounds exactly how you expect an infected 8-bit to sound!

This skin was released three times from the day of its release, and the final release came with a “last chance” title. Meaning it might never come into the shop again. Only a few players have managed to purchase this rare skin.

But if you really like the looks of this skin, you can get a re-colored version of it called the Anti-Virus 8-bit, which looks the same, but again, you will not have the rare skin status.



This is one of the best Colt skins ever in Brawl Stars. The skin includes a custom model, custom effects, custom animations, and custom textures.

I mean, look at his attire and the color combination; that variation of red and blue goes well with each other. He gives off the vibe of a cool gamer with those headphones and gaming devices in both of his hands.

Challenger Colt was released as a part of the 2020 World Finals! You could only get this skin during the 2020 Brawl Stars World Championship, and even though it was available for everyone back then, only a few players have purchased it.

This is because the skin cost real money, around $5, and was not available to purchase with gems, making it one of the best-looking and rarest skins in Brawl Stars.


That is it! This is our list of the rarest Brawl Stars skins you should know! How many of these skins are in your account?

A couple of honorable mentions for rare Brawl Stars skins.

Merchant Gale: This was a brawl pass skin available for people who reached level 60 during the early days of Brawl Stars.

Ricochet: Another limited-time skin; only the players who’ve managed to get it back in 2019 have this skin.

Few skins got their rare status because they were OG and available for a limited time, and few are rare because of their high price!

Make sure to not miss out on the upcoming limited-time skins; who knows? You too might hold one of the rarest Brawl Stars skins in the future!

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