Top Electro Character In Genshin Impact

While Electro is not as offensive-oriented an element as the destructive Pyro, it does allow you to play both the attack and support roles to good effect. Of course, not every Genshin Impact character effectively channels this electrical energy. Let’s take a look at some of these Electro users; remember that you can always upgrade them later by spending Genesis Crystals buying in the Genshin Shop.


Looking to Genshin top up for the best Genshin Impact characters? Consider Keqing’s to include in your lineup. Keqing’s inquisitive nature towards the rulings of the gods brings her great attention from her peers, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s one of the main reasons for her confidence, which also makes her a pretty good Electro user to have on the battlefield.

Keqing harnesses Electro through her powerful sword with techniques such as the elemental burst Starward Sword. This is a series of attacks that combine sword slashes with area-of-effect mini-explosions. This technique is great for clearing out the battlefield and can be further strengthened through her Aristocratic Dignity, which improves the chances of getting a critical hit.


Another useful Genshin Impact character for your Genshin Impact accounts is Fischl. The ‘Prinzessin der Verurteilung’, as she likes to call herself, works as an investigator for the Adventurer’s Guild but packs quite an electrical punch in battle as well.

Fischl’s primary weapon is her trusty bow, which she infuses with the power of lightning to tear through her enemies. For instance, the Nightrider ability calls upon the night raven of darkness to deal considerable damage in a small AoE. Fishcl also has access to defensive abilities such as the Midnight Phantasmagoria, which improves her movement speed to great effect.


Cyno carries the title of General Mahamatra and takes his duties very seriously, striking fear into subjects and enemies alike. He lives his life by the Akademiya and strives to ensure everyone else does the same due to some self-imposed sense of justice.

Similarly, on the battlefield, Cyno is an imposing figure as well, channeling electro-energy through his polearm to take down opponents. For instance, his sacred rite, Wolf’s Swiftness, supercharges his attacks and gives him protection against electro-charged abilities for 18 seconds, making him a suitable option to destabilize the enemy before sending in a Pyro-based user.


There’s a reason why the game describes her as the ‘mightiest Champion Duelist’. Armed with a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other, Clorinde is the harbinger of justice in Fontaine and a much-respected figure owing to her impressive history.

Clorinde is more than capable of being the team’s main attacking option, given her arsenal of aggressive attacks. Her Hunter’s Vigil ability is particularly interesting, which involves her using her sword and pistol together to deal electro damage to her opponents. This technique is closely linked with the Bond of Life, which largely determines the amount of damage caused and healing done while using Hunter’s Vigil.

Yae Miko

As the guardian of the Grand Narukami Shrine and a friend of Eternity itself, Yae Miko is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t let her role as the boss of Yae Publishing House take anything away from her abilities on the battlefield!

A lot of Yae Miko’s abilities rely on the use of spirits to carry out her attacks. For instance, her Spirtfox Sin-Eater ability discharges Electro damage on her opponents through the use of Kitsune Spirits in either focused or AoE attacks. Similarly, her secret art, Tenko Kenshin, converts these spirits into thunderbolts that then rain down on the battlefield to devastating effect, capable of turning the tide of battle single-handedly.

Raiden Shogun

The Raiden Shogun was always going to top our list, given that she is literally the embodiment of the Electro Archon Ei or at least half of it. The other half consists of a puppet called Shogun, which carries out the bidding of Ei as she herself continues her quest for eternity.

This Genshin Impact character is thus understandably a quite gifted electro user, wielding both strong solo attacks such as the Musou Shinsetsu as well as those that buff up her teammates, such as the Baleful Omen. Abilities like these make the Raiden Shogun a suitable profile to lead the charge on the battlefield and light it up with her electric presence.


There you have it; now you know about some of the best Electro users available in Genshin Impact. Keep in mind, though, that just because a Genshin Impact character is higher on the list doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option, given that everyone has a different playstyle. Experiment with them, try out new lineups with them, and figure out what works for you best.