Top Units in Punishing Gray Raven

There may be many reasons why you would want to try different Constructs on the PGR tier list. Each brings something new to the table in terms of gameplay mechanics, abilities, strengths, and roles. In addition, some Constructs may be better against certain enemies owing to their elemental damage. Sometimes, you just want a breath of fresh air.

In any case, with so many Constructs in Punishing Gray Raven to choose from, it can be confusing to figure out which one to bet on. You obviously want the best shot at defeating the Corrupt to win back the earth. Don’t sweat it, though; we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at the top PGR units—or Constructs – you should get in Punishing Gray Raven today or as soon as they are released. And you don’t have to spend much on PGR top up to obtain them either!

Bianca PGR – Veritas

Before you head over to the Punishing Gray Raven Shop, let’s start off this list in an electrifying fashion with our S-tiered lighting style specialist, Bianca Veritas. Charged with the power of thunder, this PGR  unit’s main strength lies in long-range attacks. This is evident from her attacks; for instance, her red orb technique called Thunder Spike fires an arrow capable of dealing up to 720% physical damage, plus lightning damage if a ping is achieved.

Bianca Veritas’s most useful technique is her core passive, which involves activating her sniper mode. You can do this by consuming blue orbs after a three-red orb combo. You definitely want to get this done, as she is capable of causing up to 500% lightning damage per arrow while in this state!

Lee PGR – Hyperreal

Lee has always been one of the most popular Punishing Gray Raven characters, and his S-tiered Hyperreal form ensured that this continued. This PGR unit is capable of excelling in both close and long-range, using fire-style techniques to cause large amounts of damage to enemies.

As an example of his fire-based destruction, his red orb signature move, Bullet Raid, causes up to 420% fire damage by firing a sliding shot. One of his most destructive abilities, however, is his signature move, End of Time. As the name suggests, this deals a massive amount of damage – 4400% fire damage, to be precise! It’s safe to say that you’ll be releasing hell on your enemies!

Karenina PGR – Ember

Up next, we have another fire-style unit in Karenina Ember. This Construct specializes in melee combat, using both physical and fire-based damage to this end. One of her more interesting techniques is the yellow orb Covering Barrage ability. This deals up to 540% physical damage, up to 90% fire damage, and also improves your defense by 30%.

If you manage to amass 100 energy, you might want to fire off Karenina’s signature move, the Scar of Earth. This releases a 200% fire damage-causing laser that also leaves a trail of fire for five seconds, which causes 200% fire damage per second.

Lamia PGR – Lost Lullaby

While this Construct won’t be released until July, we have much to be excited about. This PGR unit will be a dark-type user, and this will be reflected in all her abilities. For instance, her red orb technique, Hadal Vortex, can deal up to 720% dark damage, depending on the number of orbs pinged.

The attack most people will be eager for, however, is her signature move. Going by the name of “From the Depths, Ring Their Knell,” this involves our Construct creating multiple whirlpools that deal enormous amounts of dark damage to the enemy. This damage can amass up to 2500%.

Lucia PGR – Plume

Last but not least, let’s talk about the only ice-type unit on this list. Lucia: Plume boasts a deadly katana, which she uses to cause both physical and ice damage. Understandably so. She best operates in the melee range, slicing through enemies with quick swipes of her blade. Her red orb ability, Mute Winter, is a perfect demonstration of this. It involves several slashes of her katana, which can cause up to 120% physical damage as well as 90% ice damage, depending on how many orbs are pinged.

You’ll want to unleash her signature move as soon as possible, owing to its destructive capabilities. Halcyonic Blossoms are as powerful as the name suggests, causing an area of effect damage of up to 3040%. This technique is very much comparable to Lee Hyperreal’s End of Time signature attack.


There you have it. Now you know about five of the best units the Punishing Gray Raven has to offer and should be set on your journey to reclaim the earth from the Corrupted. If you feel like adding a cosmetic touch to your new Constructs, you can always head on over to the Punishing Gray Raven Shop to purchase new skins and merchandise.