What is the Escape from Tarkov Scav Game Mode?

There are a ton of online video game accounts to purchase for cheap through U7BUY. Buy Tarkov accounts there now! When you first start off in Escape from Tarkov, you will likely learn quickly about the outlawing and underground Scav groups. They never take no for an answer and will do all they can to get what they want, so why not play as one in a game mode?

What Exactly Are Scavs?

Scavs are the bandit outlaws of the game and in the city of Tarkov. To them, Tarkov is their home so they know every bit about it and make up their own rules of the game. They are known to be underground criminals and looters for anything valuable. Most of the time when you run into Scavs as a PMC, they aren’t too much danger for you on their own. However, do be careful around groups of Escape from Tarkov Scavs as they can quickly outnumber you if they choose to attack you, but not all of them will.

When in regular Escape from Tarkov PMC mode, most Scavs that you come across will be controlled by AI with only a few being players if they choose the Scav mode. Either way, not all Scavs will be immediately hostile with some may even choosing to show friendly behaviors toward the PMC, but you shouldn’t trust every single one of them especially if they have plans to look for loot (which they almost always are).

Why Play Scav Mode?

In the EFT Scav mode, there is no real concrete goal as a Scav. You will be joining a raid with other PMC players, but it’s up to you whether you want to attack the Escape from Tarkov PMCs directly for the maximum amount of loot or scavenge off of bodies and fight bosses instead. Tarkov is your land, so you can do whatever on your home turf. This can also potentially be a good way to learn more about each area before playing as a PMC.

So why even pick EFT Scav mode? Well, anything that you collect as a Scav such as rare PMC loot and equipment you will be allowed to keep. Pretty much everything that you collect will be able to be kept for when you play in any other mode. This makes the Escape from Tarkov Scav mode amazing when grinding for stronger items and armor.

Scav Mode Basics

When you first enter Scav mode, you will be spawned in a random location usually further away from where the PMC players spawn. You will also more commonly spawn alone rather than with other Scavs. This is good though as while you may meet other friendly Escape from Tarkov Scav players or AI Scavs, it is also possible to run into a Scav who is willing to kill one of their own, so always be cautious on who to trust.

Speaking of killing other Scavs, it is wise not to do this as it is technically considered traitorous, and you will be marked as one if you decide to attack another Scav first. You will not be considered a traitor if you defend yourself from another Tarkov Scav. Other AI Scavs will also automatically turn against you if you attack one of them as a Scav yourself.

The standout feature of Scav mode is the fact that you will not be able to bring in any of the equipment you already own. Every time you spawn in as a Scav you will be given pieces of random equipment and weapons. Once you spawn in and are sure that you are in a secure Tarkov area, always review what equipment you have to help plan what you want to do next and what battles you can fight.

Leveling Up as a Scav

The more that you do as a Scav, the more you will level up as one. This can range from looting bodies, killing PMCs, killing Scav Raiders, completing tasks at the Fence, and killing bosses. You will want to level up as a Scav as much as you cannot just because you become stronger, but you will eventually have bosses no longer become hostile toward you which can make looting much easier! Do keep in mind though as many players tend to forget that the Escape from Tarkov Scav levels are separate from the EFT PMC. This means that no matter how many raids that you do as a Scav, your PMC character will not be affected at all level-wise. Still, you will be able to earn lots of equipment for your PMC anyway, so it works out! Get cheap Tarkov Roubles with U7BUY today!