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About PlayStation Plus

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is a innovative online gaming subscription service. PlayStation Now has merged with Plus into the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, offering players even more choice, features, high-quality content and a very diverse game portfolio.

PlayStation Plus Gift Card

PlayStation Store Cards give you the opportunity to top up your online PlayStation Wallet. You can use this credit to buy PS4 and PS5 games, in-game credits, and a PlayStation Plus subscription. You can easily top up the wallet in your PlayStation Account and buy anything from the PlayStation Store! PS Plus Cards can also be a great gift, especially for your friends who are PS console owners.

What can I do with a PlayStation Plus subscription?

Do you want to play games with your friends online? With a PlayStation Plus membership, you have access to online multiplayer modes for PS4 and PS5 games. For example, if you like playing Apex Legends, Call of Duty (COD) and Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

With a PlayStation Plus membership, you get exclusive discounts on the PS Store, and every month you get two new PlayStation Plus games to download for free.

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