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How To Play Witch Doctor In Diablo 3?

The Witch Doctor is one of the new character classes for the upcoming game Diablo III. Do you know the details about it? This article is just ready for you to get full information about it.
The Witch Doctor seems loosely based on the real-world Voodoo practitioners, most likely Haitian. The males are depicted as frail old men having a hunched back and always shaking their hand due to their physical weakness.
However, they possess great spiritual and manipulative powers as seen in the gameplay video. They can be seen easily controlling the minds of their enemies, raising the dead without the use of corpses and lobbing alchemical projectiles at unwary victims. In that case, you can easily get more Diablo 3 gold for yourself to buy something you want.
The female Witch Doctor seems much younger, capable of walking without a hunch. It may be noted that both the male and female Witch Doctors have a distinctly purple color-scheme in their equipment. Although this may be just to show them off during the gameplay video.
The male Witch Doctor is also the first character officially announced showing the new elemental damage type, Arcane. In keeping with his purple color-scheme, he is shown holding a sword imbued with Arcane damage glowing in a purplish glow.
It is also notable that both of them have been shown wearing stereotypical Voodoo masks. As in the Barbarian trailer it has been stated that items will be class-specific, it is very likely that all or most witch doctor helmets will look like Voodoo masks.
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