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What Diablo III Class Have You Played the Most, and Why?

The denizens of Sanctuary come from all walks of life. Some hail from the harsh crater of Mount Arreat, while others call the fine, gilded spires of Caldeum home. But whether by wielding a strong axes or harnessing the forces of the arcane, the heroes of Diablo III are united in their passion for slaying demons buy diablo 3 gold in a variety of impressive ways.

Have you summoned troves of Zombie Bears as a Witch Doctor? Have you made a name for yourself crushing demon skulls as a Monk? Or has your time spent playing a cunning Demon Hunter become the stuff of legend? Which one? Barbarian? Monk? Demon Hunter? Or others? Please feel free to tell us which one you play most and why. Maybe WD cause he's the only black guy? The Monk, because I like melee combat cheap diablo 3 power level and I'm a hipster. The barb is way too mainstream.? DH... bcs of its flexibility to play tank (near) or assist (far)... solo or cooperate (different build)... also high challenge?

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