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Elder Scrolls Online – How to Personalize Costumes With Dyes


Elder Scrolls Online has a system that allows players to transform their costumes and hats into unique items by dyeing them. This is a premium feature that only subscription paying players can use. Players can do this by using a dye station. This is found in the game. Players need to have the item they wish to dye equipped. The dye is selected from the costume dyeing tab. Dyes are unlocked by completing achievements. Non-premium members will receive the dyes as well but they cannot use the feature until they purchase Elder Scrolls Online Plus. If the subscription expires, players lose access to the feature but all of their previously dyed items won't change. They just won't be able to dye new ones or to change the color. The dye system allows players to sort their colors by various criteria such as rarity and hue. If players mouse over a dye, the system will display what achievement rewards it. Characters on the same account will have different instances of a dyed item so players don't need to worry about over-dyeing an item if they change the color with another character. Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold will help you get your character armed and reach your desired level fast.
Players that don't have a premium subscription can dye items too but they cannot use the station. Dye stamps are premium items available in the crown store that are used to apply customization to TESO  items. Stamps may be different from achievement dyes and they expire after one use. These items are found in the Dye category in the store. The cheapest stamp costs 50 crowns. New stamps are added each week. Players can buy more stamps of the same type at once. Relying on the stamps for customization can be pretty costly. Before applying the stamp to an item, players can preview it.
The rare dyes that are obtained from achievements are not available as stamps. This feature is a convenient way to customize appearance but it doesn't have any real impact on characters' performance. 

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