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Elder Scrolls Online - Warden Skill Lines Revealed


Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion includes among many other features a new class: the Warden. Like all other classes, the Warden also has three skill lines that allow multiple specializations. Details about this new class were revealed in an official live stream that showed Warden's play style and combat specializations. The Warden is a druid like character that uses nature magic and calls beasts to help him deal with enemies. 
Green Balance is the Warden skill line that specializes in healing. By investing points in Green Balance, players gain access to a wide range of healing abilities. Wardens will be able to heal allies that are positioned right in front of them with frontal cone healing spells that have a heal over time effect. Another healing spell restores HP for all nearby allies. Play style, abilities and spell animations reflect the Warden's connection with the natural elements. For example, the ultimate skill for Green Balance is an AOE healing spell that looks like ghostly flowers sprouting from the ground surrounding the caster and his friends. 
Winter's Embrace is the tanking specialization. This skill line also has crowd control abilities. Wardens shield themselves from damage thanks to the icy armor summoning ability. Snares are used to trap enemies in place. 
Animal Companion skill line is made for DPS. It's a very popular Warden specialization because of its particularity that allows players to fight using a pet. Some of the pets are specific to the area where the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion is set to take place. The Cliff Racer is such a pet, it is used to deal damage. Dive is the ability that summons the Cliff Racer. This spirit form animal appears when the ability is cast, it's not a permanent pet. Those who want to have a companion by their side at all times have to unlock it with skill points. The ultimate skill for Animal Companions skill like is the ability that gives Wardens a permanent pet. It's a bear that acts as a tank. So this is a small guide for ESO Warden, if you want to play good with Warden, buy ESO Gold Xbox One or PS4/PC from u7buy is a good choice. This is the best ESO Gold Store online. 

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