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Elder Scrolls Online - What You Need to Know About Clockwork City DLC


The Clockwork City is one of the Elder Scrolls Online DLC packs that will be released in 2017. A new zone to explore, a new quest line, and a new 12man trial are part of the DLC. The Clockwork City is a settlement built by Sotha Sil, one of the three Tribunal gods. It's the second time when this mechanical themed location is featured in an Elder Scrolls game. The first ones who adventured into the city were those who played the Tribunal expansion for The Elder Scrolls Morrowind. Now it's the time to find out what happened in Sotha Sil's city 700 years before the third Elder Scrolls game. 
As the name implies, the Clockwork City is all about automation. Its buildings and a part of its residents are mechanical. Adventurers will discover the Brass Fortress. This haven provides services like crafting stations, storage facilities, trading posts, inns, and so on. It pretty much has to offer all the features of a main Elder Scrolls Online city. Players will find lots of NPCs inside the city and some of them are involved in quests. As players have come to learn, Tamriel is constantly threatened by Daedric Princes. The main quest line for this DLC deals with another Daedric themed story. Sotha Sil needs players' help as he confronts with a dangerous situation. Players will join forces with a Telvanni mage, seek an ancient artifact, and find out how the Daedra are planning to wreck Tamriel once again. The main quest and other side tasks will have players adventure outside of the Brass Fortress. If the city provides a safe zone for players, not the same can be said about other zones. Players will encounter various automatic creatures that are aggressive by nature and powerful world bosses. There are two world bosses that will require players to work together. 
The new trial, Asylum Sanctorium, offers a flexible raiding experience. There are three bosses to defeat. Players can take them one at a time but also fight all three of them at the same time. When the Clockwork City DLC is released, the base game will also get a significant update. The Elder Scrolls Online expansion, Morrowind, is not needed to gain access to DLC content. 
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