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How To Start The New Life Festival In Elder Scrolls Online


The Holidays are here and it seems like every MMO and single player game has something special to do for this season. Bethesda has big plans for The Elder Scrolls Online and it seems that everybody has started joining in on the fun. This significant ESO event has started on December the 16th but you still have a chance to play it and get all of the gift boxes that the New Life Festival brings forth to The Elder Scrolls Online. So before we go, one question remains… Are you ready to start a new life in The Elder Scrolls Online?

How to start

in order to play in the holiday event, the players must find Breda outside of Windhelm in order to start the quest. After successfully finding Breda, the players must finish different challenges given by her before they can start with the daily quests. When the players have finally completed the challenges, they can now access the nine daily quests in New Life Event. Each one of these quests is actually themed for different ingame races and you will find yourself having a significantly enjoyable time doing these dailies. Especially when you see the rewards you get.

The daily quests in New Life Event are Castle Charm Challenge, Fish Boon Feast, Lava Foot Stomp, Mud Ball Merriment, Signal Fire Sprint, Snow Bear Plunge, Stonetooth Bash, The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile and War Orphan's Sojourn.

What do you get?

When you finish one of those abovce meantioned ESO quests, you get a New Life Festival gift box.

Inside the box are crafting materials, a version of New Life-themed Memento and Skinchanger style item. They can also get a Skinchanger Motif chapter, a New Life recipe that comes with green, blue or gold-quality or a special New Life Collectible. If they successfully complete all nine quests, they will be called Magnanimous.

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