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The Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Through Grinding


So you want to know how to level up quickly in The Elder Scrolls Online but don’t have all that much time? Well there is a faster way to doing all of this through a simple grinding session that wont take all that much. The Elder Scrolls Online will offer you a lot of opportunity and here is the best way to getting leveled up in ESO through this guide that explains leveling through grinding.

EXP boosting:

Psijic ambrosia potion - you can buy from players for gold - 50% exp bonus
TRAINING GEAR - MOST IMPORTANT - 7 pieces of gear with TRAINING trait of purple quality can give you 70% EXP BONUS from killing enemies! (blue quality 63% etc.) => Craft it by yourself, if you can or ask in guild for it! Also you can find some eso items with training trait in guild markets
WEAPONS with training trait also provide nice bonus, so get them if you want!
Grinding partner - in group of 2 you get 10% more experience
If you have ESO+ you get bonus experience also
Some events provides bonus experience

Final say
There is an extra way to grinding and leveling in The Elder Scrolls Online and that is Catacomb raiding. Here is a simple step by step as to how to maximize your EXP game in ESO through catacomb raiding:

FIND SOMEBODY WHO WILL GO WITH YOU (so you can reset instance!)
Take quest outside of catacombs from NPC standing close to entry
Enter catacombs
Pull ALL zombies you see in room 1 and also in room 2 on the left side
Take them all on one place (best in some corner) and AOE
Exit catacombs
DISBAND PARTY (this reset catacombs)
Invite your partner back to party
Entrer catacombs
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