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The Elder Scrolls Online Questing and Leveling Tips You Wish You Knew from the Start


The Holidays are near and, just like me, you are probably going to spend your time playing The Elder Scrolls Online to grab those sweet, sweet holiday events and gifts. And don’t get me wrong, I love doing that too. But to get you through this huge ESO play session we have compiled some essential Questing and Leveling tips that every ESO player should know, but missed. So without further ado here are The Elder Scrolls Online tips that you wish you knew from the very start.

ESO Questing and Leveling Tips

The NPC-owned towns in Cyrodiil have repeatable PVE quests
You can level a skill line by having an active ability slotted on the hotbar, even if you never use that ability
At the very start of the game when you have empty hotbar slots, add the Soul Trap spell to your bar. It's a reasonable dot and even if you never use it, you start to level up the Soul Magic skill line.
When using a Bookshelf, there is a chance of reading a book that will raise one of your skills with 1 level.
PvE quests are usually around the miscellaneous icons (tree icon and so forth) on the map.
Press T to cycle through your quests in the quest tracker.
The more skills from the same tree you have on your active hotbar, the faster that skill tree gains XP.

Will this be enough?

As much as you want to go and run around like a maniac in ESO, you will have to take your time to complete important quests. These are the most important things in leveling up your ESO character and, while you still can do it with side activities in ESO, you will be stuck in a dead end if you don’t do a decent amount of Questing. Now, knowing this, go forth and reap the rewards of ESO questing… Which might end up being some random disease but who cares, you had fun. At last, ESO Gold cheap on sale at u7buy.com, please pay attention.

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