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All available Options for Elder Scrolls Online Healer Characters


Elder Scrolls Online players that wish to experience the game as healers have three class choices. The classes that can become healers are Sorcerers, Nightblades and Templars. The other available class, Dragonknight, has no healing abilities. At level 15 (which you could reach fast with cheap ESO Power Leveling), all characters unlock a second action bar. They can also use another set of weapons. It's not uncommon for healers to have an action bar and weapons specialized for healing and another set for questing or other activities. 
Sorcerers that wish to become healers should look into the Dark Magic skill line. This specialization also has support and crowd control abilities. The ultimate ability is called Negate Magic. It removes debuffs, stuns mobs or silences enemy players. Depending on the chosen morph option, Negate Magic will deal damage or restore HP. It's obvious that healers will go for the restore HP variant. Other Dark Magic spells deal damage while applying crowd control effects on enemies. With one exception, all spells use Magicka. The exception is a spell that consumes Stamina to restore HP and Magicka. One of the two morphing versions allows players to swap Stamina for Magicka. 
Siphoning skill line is the Nightblade healing specialization. Most of the spells use Magicka. The are only two exceptions that use Stamina. This specialization combines healing with damage dealing. The ultimate ability can be transformed into a healing only spell when morphed. Strife spell will heal the caster and his closest ally. Drain Power deals damage and its morphing alternative gains an HP restoring effect as well. Nightblade healers have passive abilities that allow them to gain Ultimate energy faster and to enhance the effects of their healing spells.
Templar players will choose Restoring Light skill line if they wish to support their allies. This specialization is a hybrid between tanking and healing. Passive abilities improve the healing spells and add more support effects. The ultimate ability is a healing spell that provides damage reduction for the caster or more healing for the allies when morphed. Three more healing spells allow the Templar to replenish HP. There are also abilities that restore Magicka and offer damage mitigation. All Restoring Light spells use Magicka. Buy ESO gold from u7buy and let us know if this article is useful for you. Stay tuned with us for more ESO articles. 

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