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CS: GO – Introducing Biome and Sub-Zero Maps


Good news for those who have been waiting for more CS: GO maps. There are two new community maps available. Players can start enjoying their favorite shooter game on map Biome and map Sub-Zero. The maps can be found under the Casual Sigma set. Both maps have been in development for a while. Now they have been tested and they are ready to enter the game. The developers are still keeping an eye on these two new maps to see if they are popular. Players' feedback is important so if you have something to say about the new maps, don't be afraid to make your voice heard. The two maps were added in a patch that contained more changes. Austria map is now part of the Casual Delta group. Players can select this map for competitive matchmaking. One map that is not available anymore for competitive matchmaking is Canals. Two maps have been removed. These are Shipped and Insertion. 
There were also some changes that relate to the gameplay. The start-of-half economy was changed. After the changes, the team that loses round 1 gets 1900 dollars. The next loss will grant them 2400 dollars. This applies to games played in competitive matchmaking. Some weapons were changed as well. The CZ75a has better accuracy recovery rate. The recoil was boosted too. The update allows this weapon to be used for medium and long range. The Tec9 is another CS: GO skins weapon that was changed. The fire inaccuracy is not so high anymore. Players will notice that this weapon has better accuracy recovery rate. Two weapons have had their prices reduced. The SG553 now costs 2750 dollars and the AUG costs 3150 dollars. 
A new audio setting is available. When players enable VOIP Positional, the voice will be played based on the player's location. Players can now use mouse bindings with the voice chat. There was some issue with the scoreboard but it was fixed.

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