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CS: GO – June Weapon Updates and More


The June update for CS: GO brings some modifications. The most important ones concern weapons and a map. There are also a couple of bug fixes and general updates. Three issues have been dealt with so they should no longer annoy players. Those who have been waiting to be able to get rid of their unsealed graffiti items can do so as it's now possible to delete them. Another update is about game server and clients. When the client issues a status command, a couple of info is displayed. The public IP address of the game server is among that info. The server will not give this info from now on. The bug with the looping sounds and dormant item is another issue that will not bother players anymore. 
The update also addresses CS: GO weapons. Three of the available weapons have changed. Players will be happy to know that they will spend $200 less for the MP7. The price used to be $1700 but now it has received a permanent discount and it costs $1500. The CZ75 is a pistol that came on the market in 1975 and was added to the game in 2014. The fully automated weapon is made by Czech manufacturer CZUB. This pistol is one of the powerful in-game weapons as it can be used to get rid of an enemy wearing a helmet. Its 33 damage is powerful enough to do that. This will no longer be possible as the damage was decreased by two to 31. The M4A1-S rifle has a reserve ammo capacity of 40. After the update, players were glad to see it increased to 60.
Mirage is the map that got some attention in this update. Those who have an eye for landmark art will notice that it has been updated. The skybox is no longer limited. The ladder that was close to the apartments is not there anymore, some boxes are now in its place. A few changes that improve visibility were made as well. The canals also had some updates. The path through the valley to bombsite B was changed. Updates are rolled out each month so we look forward to July. 

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