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CS:GO Wingman Mode


Wingman is one of the newest CS:GO modes. The mode became part of the game in November 2017. It was first released for Operation Hydra. Operations are game events that last for a pretty long time during which players have access to content that is not part of the regular game. Wingman was available during Hydra. Players' response to this new mode was extremely positive so the developers decided to make it a permanent game addition. Let's see what this mode is all about. 
Wingman is a confrontation between two teams, just like the other CS:GO modes, but teams are much smaller than usual. In this mode, there are only two players in a team. This mode borrows the set of rules and penalties from competitive. So this mode is a competitive game. The maps for this mode are smaller than the maps for the other modes. There is a bomb site on the map. This is also one of the differences as maps for other modes have two sites. Here are the maps that support Wingman. Train map with bomb site A can be used for this mode. Bomb site A is also on Inferno map. Cobblestone with bomb site B is another map. Shortdust, Lake, and Rialto are other maps that support Wingman. The newest map for this mode is Nuke. It was added in April 2018. There is also a specific skill group for this mode. The selected format is best out of 16. When playing Wingman, players will notice that the maps are reduced in size. There are invisible walls that decrease the map's area and restrict access to certain zones. The spawns are located closer to the bomb sites than on other maps. These modifications are made to accommodate the smaller team size. A round lasts for one and a half minutes. Players like this mode because it's fast and because they can play it with a friend or a trusted person. Often, players discuss strategies before the game begins. Follow u7buy to get more information about video games and buy CS:GO skins cheap and easy from us. 

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