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DotA 2 – Understanding Hero Attributes


DotA 2 heroes have primary and secondary attributes. There are three primary attributes: agility, strength, and intelligence. Each hero has one main attribute. This is the attribute from which a hero benefits the most. The primary attribute affects attack damage. One point of the main attribute will increase attack damage by one. Attributes are increased by leveling, using items, abilities, and talents. The main attribute is leveled faster than the others. Players can use items to improve their hero's primary attribute. There are five types of DotA 2  items. Ultimate items are the best as they boost an attribute by 25. Large items increase an attribute by 10. Using an upgrade item will give players a seven attribute increase. Medium items boost attributes by six. Simple items give a small +3 boost. 
Heroes that have agility as their main attribute are fast. They also seem to specialize in physical attacks. In most cases, agility heroes are either gankers or carriers. Agility increases armor by 0.2, attack damage by one, and attack speed by 1.25. Movement speed is also slightly increased. Characters that are not agility based gain one attack speed, 0.16 armor, and 0.05 movement speed from agility. 
Strength characterizes tank and initiator heroes. Thanks to the strength attribute, these heroes are hard to kill. They are able to sustain more damage than other heroes. A strength hero gets one point of attack damage, 22.5 HP, 0.13 for health regeneration, and 0.1 magic resistance from one point in their primary attribute. Other heroes get 18 HP, 0.1 health regeneration, and 0.08 magic resistance. 
DotA 2 heroes who have intelligence as primary attribute make heavy use of mana and spells. They can take several roles including ganker and support. For an intelligence hero, one point will boost mana by 15, mana regeneration by 0.06, attack damage by one, and spell damage by 0.088. For other heroes, intelligence increases mana by 12, regeneration by 0.05, and spell damage by 0.07. 

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