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DotA 2 – What Is the Battle Pass


The DotA 2 Battle Pass grants players access to The International tournament but it's also a way to get access to special rewards and content. The Battle Pass is bought from Steam. It costs 10 euros. Those who get the pass can take part in The Underhollow activity. Players will meet Roshan, the cheese loving creep. Players need to adventure into his lair and enter the labyrinth. Here they will battle against all sorts of creatures and also enemy teams. Gold and XP are obtained while fighting in the labyrinth. The goal is to find Roshan's treasure and to defeat the enemy teams. 
Cavern Crawl is another activity that is unlocked with the Battle Pass. Players are assigned random heroes which they must use to win matches. They will get battle points and item styles but the rarest reward that can be acquired is Jade Baby Roshan. A new mode called Mutation is available to those who have the Battle Pass. This is an unranked mode. Each game of Mutation has three modifiers that are randomly chosen. The set of modifiers changes every day. Team challenges are also available. Players will advance and get team challenge tokens. These tokens are used to gain entry into more difficult challenges. Should players emerge victorious, they will get battle points and an MMR increase. New creeps can be recruited. Players must first activate them from the global DotA 2 items loadout. Chat wheel sprays allow players to select an image and create a spray of it on the map. 
Players can show their appreciation towards each other with tipping. When players receive tips, they also receive battle points. A role based matchmaking queue, trivia, and the compendium are also included. Battle Pass sales boost The International 2018 prize pool. The tournament had around $2 million initial prize pool and now it has more than $20 million thanks to the Battle Pass. 

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