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Elder Scrolls Online – Blackrose Prison Arena


Murkmire DLC is coming to Elder Scrolls Online in November. It includes a new zone and a new arena called Blackrose Prison. This location used to be a fortress where all the enemies of the Empire were sent. Over time it gained a bad reputation as it was more than a prison. It was a terrible place where inmates were tortured and tormented. In the present timeline, the prison is conquered by the Naga tribe that is known as the Blackguards. The players are sent to Blackrose on a rescue mission. They need to free someone from the arena. As one can imagine, the rescue mission is not a diplomatic one. Players have to prepare for some serious fighting. This activity requires a four players group. 
Players need to complete five challenges. Each challenge is a five waves encounter. The last encounter will be against a boss. Those who have completed Maelstrom Arena will find some similarities but there are also new mechanics. Being aware of the surroundings and get enough the Elder Scrolls Online gold are very important. Players will discover that each encounter has environmental features. Some are dangerous so players have to find a way to dodge them. There are also ones that can be used to players' advantage. Sigils are a recurrent feature. There are four of them. Using a sigil gives the group certain buffs. There is one sigil that can be used for resurrection. There is one that can be used to heal party members. Another one reduces damage. Stamina and magicka can be buffed with the use of another sigil. Only one sigil can be used. This allows players to make their own strategy depending on the group's composition. 
The loot list includes Elder Scrolls Online items that are part of the DLC zone sets. Special weapons that boost weapon abilities are also acquired. An upgraded version of these weapons is earned when finishing the challenge on veteran difficulty. The Unchained is a title that is granted to those who complete the arena on veteran without dying and without using sigils. There is also a collectible item in the form of a skin that makes players look like an Argonian. The DLC is free for subscribers or unlocked from the store. 

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