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Elder Scrolls Online – White Gold Tower Veteran Tactics


The Iron-Swathed Glutton. Although this Elder Scrolls Online monster is big enough to look like a boss, he is actually a mini-boss. He is encountered after some thrash mobs. The tank needs to block the boss's attacks. The other players have to watch out for the poison. 
The Adjudicator. Proper DPS is needed because the mechanics can wipe the group if the fight goes on for too long. Players have to make sure they are not hit by the shards. They can either block or move to avoid them. The adds have to be killed immediately. A player will be put in a cage and the only way to break free is to pick the lock or to destroy the door. Party members can help too. There will be ground damage to avoid too during the fight. 
Crematorial Guard. This is another mini-boss. No other player but the tank should stand in front of the boss. 
Second boss encounter. This is a council style fight where players will fight against three bosses. The preferred strategy is to kill the one that buffs the others first. There is a lot of damage to avoid as each boss has specific attacks.  
The Scion of Wroth. The third mini-boss doesn't pose much of a threat if players keep moving so they won't take damage from the ground AOE spells. 
Planar Inhibitor. This boss does not respond to threat like other Elder Scrolls Online monsters. This is the reason why the tank should go DPS for this fight. The player who interacts with the object in the middle of the room will aggro the boss. Players will take turns tanking the boss in this way when the flames turn blue. They must kite the boss and switch three times before the fight resumes in the normal way. The player who gets shifted to the portal plane should close all portals before adds spawn.  
Molag Kena. There is a lot of damage to avoid here. The Atronach add has to be killed fast. There will also be a phase in which players have to deal with adds. This is a challenging fight for all party members so it's advised to make use of ultimate abilities. So buy Elder Scrolls Online gold and get your character armed before you start your adventure. 

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