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Elder Scrolls Online – Wolfhunter DLC Dungeons


Elder Scrolls Online adventurers are getting ready to face new dungeon challenges. Wolfhunter is a dungeon DLC that contains two new group dungeons. As the name implies, the DLC is themed based on the Wild Hunt and the Daedric Prince Hircine. 
March of Sacrifices is one of the two dungeons. Players have the opportunity, or the misfortune, to be transported to Hircine's realm where they will take part in one of the most dangerous Tamriel happenings, the Great Hunt. The players' task is to survive the hunt but there's one powerful foe that must be defeated first. The last dungeon boss is an Indrik. The reward is not just survival but a powerful ESO item from Hircine. Players will meet a new NPC in this DLC. This is Hanu, an experienced hunter who wishes to enter Hircine's realm. She asks for help from the Magister of the House Telvanni who agrees to help her in exchange for information about the Great Hunt.
The other dungeon is called Moon Hunter Keep. This is a place that was previously inhabited by the Order of the Silver Dawn. Now it's the headquarters of Vykosa, a powerful werewolf. Her plan is to raise an army of beasts. Naturally, adventurers must stop her before it's too late. The last boss is Vykosa but her most powerful followers need to be put to rest before fighting her. One of the most interesting monsters is the werewolf behemoth, a creature that hasn't been seen so far. 
Both dungeons can be completed in three modes. These are normal, veteran, and veteran hard. Rewards are earned when completing the dungeons on any mode. Players will be rewarded with new sets of equipment, monster masks, and collectible items and Elder Scrolls Online Gold. A unique reward is the werewolf hunter hat that can only be acquired by those who have the DLC. Elder Scrolls Online players who are ESO plus members can rest assured as the DLC is included in the subscription. The other way to obtain it is to buy it as a premium feature from the crown store. 

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