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Elder Scrolls Online PvP Changes in Update 20


There's a new major update coming in Elder Scrolls Online and this time is all about PvP. The three alliance war has been part of the game since release. It's one of the main game features and it's constantly under work and improvement. The conflict may be old but players need new features that keep the PvP gameplay fresh. A new feature is coming to Cyrodiil.
Players will be able to destroy bridges and milegates. War machines were used to take down structures like fortress walls but starting with Update 20, bridges and milegates will crumble too under their destructive force. The war machines that are capable of taking down these structures are catapults, trebuchets, and ballistae. With this new features, the three alliance war becomes more strategic. Based on what players choose to destroy, various zones of the map will be closed. However, there's a catch. Or even two. Zones won't be completely cut off even if the structure that was connecting them is destroyed. There are some hidden paths that can be used. The challenge is to find these paths. There is an alternative option. Destructible structures can be rebuilt. Elder Scrolls Online gold and meterials are needed so that won't be easy. Players will also notice that three new outposts appear on the map after the update. They will be able to use these locations as base of operation for attacks. 
The list of additions contains a new emote. It's called the Gladiator Taunt and it's part of the Gladiator PvP system. The new emote is unlocked with 30 Gladiator Proofs. Completing the conquest daily quests helps players get these tokens. Players will need to hand these over to the war researcher merchant and the new emote is theirs. When combatants activate this new emote, they will provoke the opponent and make a gesture with the equipped weapon. PvP fans got new rewards to obtain. There are six new sets that can drop from the worthy PvP chest. One of the sets it called Battlefield Acrobat. It's a medium armor type set. When it's worn, the abilities cost 6% less. Update 20 is free for all Elder Scrolls Online players. 

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