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Everything you need to know about Elder Scrolls Online player housing


Elder Scrolls Online follows in the steps of the previous Elder Scrolls games with the Homestead update. Homestead feature unlocks access to in game housing. Players will be able to obtain a house and decorate it to their liking. There are around 40 unique house models that are themed according to each Elder Scrolls Online race. Players can obtain almost any house with no racial restriction. For example, a Redguard can have an Argonian style home. The only special case is the Imperial style that is available through a DLC. Homes are placed in zones from the base game so accessing them doesn't require an additional DLC purchase. Houses come in five sizes from modest apartments to luxurious manors. There are 10 racial decorating styles and about 2000 decorative items. Houses can be obtained with ESO gold or with crowns (premium currency). Once a house is bought, all characters on that account can enter it. Players can give home access to friends or guild members. PvP duels are allowed. Houses are instanced areas so players don't have to worry about running out of home plots. 

Obtaining a house in Elder Scrolls Online is just like buying a house in real life. Budget and personal preferences are things to consider when purchasing a home in Tamriel. Players can complete the Homestead tutorial and obtain an inn room for free in one of their faction's cities. A bigger house can be purchased with gold or crowns. Some homes are locked behind regional achievements. The Housing tab can be found in the Collections menu. This comes in handy as players can preview a house before buying it. Players are free to decorate their home as they please provided they have the skills and/or the coins to acquire the desired items. Each profession has been added recipes that allow the creation of furniture and decorative items. The crown store has lots of home items as well. Players can also buy eso  items of decorations or sell decorations from each other. NPC merchants sell furniture. Achievements or completing certain game content rewards players with special ornaments. Functional items like target dummies and crafting stations can be placed inside homes. Players can instantly teleport to their house for free. 

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