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Have You Tried CS: GO Panorama View?


Starting June 2018, CS: GO has a received an update which adds a new feature called panorama view or panoramic view. It's one of the most significant updates the game has received so far. Considering that it had the same view for more than six years, the change was well-received by players. 
If players don't see any change in the game, then they must enable it. This is done from the Steam client. Players must navigate to CS: GO in their list of owned games. Once they've located the game, they will right click on its name. This will open a menu. The option that allows the use of the panorama view is the last one. It is called Properties. Clicking on Properties will open a window with five tabs. Players need to be in the first tab that is called General. Here, they will see an option called Set Launch Options. Clicking on it will open the Launch Options menu. Users are warned that these are advanced options but there's no reason to worry. In the text field, they will enter “-panorama”. After that, all they have to do is to click OK and launch the game as usual. 
The new view updates the main visual elements such as the main menu. Players will see that the scoreboard also looks different. This update is important because it changes the way players access features and options. So far, the response has been positive so players are happy with the new feature. However, developers are committed to improving the experience. A patch that fixes some issues was released already. If players' HP has hit a dangerous level, they will be notified with a red glow. If their HP is decreasing, the armor bar will not glare anymore. In some cases, grenades would still appear as available even after they were used. This was fixed. The patch also included some matchmaking and spectate fixes. Some Thai language text problems and inventory bugs were fixed as well. CS: GO will continue to update to offer the same quality gameplay, CS: GO skins and shooter experience. 

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