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How to Spend Summer 2018 in Elder Scrolls Online


This is a great time to play Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG. The new Summerset expansion was just launched with new content for all types of players. There are new quests lines, an amazing new area, and a ton of activities for PvP and PvE players. Those who want to take a break from Summerset content are invited to revisit Wrothgar or adventure in it for the first time. Elder Scrolls Online brings back the Orsinium DLC with a special Orsinium Celebration Event. The event caters to new ESO players but also to longtime fans. During the event, players can get the DLC for a discounted price. Activities in Orsinium will be more rewarding as long as the event is active. 
There are two versions of the DLC and both of them can be bought for far less than usual. The normal version costs 750 crowns. This base version unlocks access to a new zone, quest line, dungeons, and an arena. Players can visit Wrothgar, the home of the orcs. They will complete a main story quest line plus lots of secondary quests. Two new dungeons invite players to group up and to fight against new foes. The Maelstrom Arena awaits skilled and brave adventurers. All of this is included in the base version. The collector's bundle costs 2000 crowns. It has all the content from the base version and some extra goodies. Players who get it obtain the Cave Bear mount and pet, and also five XP scrolls. Players can get temporary access to the DLC if they have the premium subscription. Two more Orsinium related Elder Scrolls Online items are available during the event from the crown store. Players can become owners of the Pariah's Pinnacle house and acquire the Malacath's Chosen furnishing pack. 
Many activities in Wrothgar give better rewards for the duration of the event. The amount of items obtained from crafting nodes is doubled. This also goes for the new jewelry seams added in the Summerset expansion. The chests that are gotten from Maelstrom Arena also have double rewards. Daily quests also give players double the rewards of ESO Gold. The event runs until August 12th. PvP fans can check out the Midyear Mayhem PvP event and earn double rewards from PvP activities. Players are reminded that two new Elder Scrolls Online DLCs are planned for release in the near future. 

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