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What's in Store for H1Z1 the PC Version


H1Z1 developers are planning a series of updates for the PC version of the game. Season One is just about to end. The time between the end of the first season and the start of the second one is called off-season. Several updates are scheduled for the off-season in preparation for Season Two. A map is also in the works. 
Players are looking forward to the new Z1 map. The team put a lot of effort into redoing the map. As we all know, H1Z1 had a complicated journey. Z1 is one of the maps from the original game. Developers took notice of players' feedback when they updated the map. Veterans' opinion about the map is important because the team wants to keep the original features that gave the map its popularity. This doesn't mean that the new map is just a copy of the old one. New elements were added to the environment so combatants have different terrain that serves as battleground. There isn't a release date set for the map but we should expect it to drop pretty soon. Z1 will be released before Season Two begins. Players have the chance to test it before playing it in competitive mode. 
The animation and audio aspects of the game are under consideration to receive some updates. The players are really fond of old sound effects like the head shot one so developers decided to re-implement it. The old sound of the helmet breaking will be back as well. Character movement and animations are being looked into so moves like jumps and sprints are more exciting. The newly added mode, Auto Royale, is also receiving an update. From now on, players will be able to play Auto Royale as part of the arcade mode. This means that the regular auto royale gameplay will be enhanced with all sorts of crazy rules. These rules are not permanent changes. They change periodically. Players are also reminded that the H1Z1 Pro League is having its first season in 2018. 
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