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Q:How to turn on Origin(EA) Login Verification?


If you play FUT, then you have to turn on Login Verification to access FUT (FUT). You need it to access the Web or Companion apps, and you`ll be asked to turn it on to get into FUT on the console and PC.

Here is how to turn on Origin(EA) Login Verification:
1.Open www.origin.com and sign in your Origin(EA) account, head to your Security Settings.

2.Click Turn On under the Login Verification section.

3.EA will send you a Security Code via the method you choose. Use that code to activate Login Verification and you`ll be all set.

When you set up:
Email, make sure you have access to that email address. using your primary email address is recommended, the one you check most often
App Authenticator, you`ll need to install an app to your mobile device to get your codes
Text, you`ll get codes via text message.
4.After turning on Login Verification, you`ll need to get new Origin(EA) Backup Codes.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account