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Q:FUT XBOX one Console Account Login Flowchart


Step 1: Sign in the account on your XBOX one.(make sure you type in account and password correctly)

Step 2: Microsoft usually will ask for a verification code. You may be able to get the code by access the email inbox.

Step 3: You also might need to sign in the account from your broswer via www.account.live.com, which usually will ask for adding your cellphone number to the account and receive a verification code.

Step 4: After you sign in the account on www.account.live.com, then come back to your console and re-sign in.

Step 5: Start running FUT.

Step 6: EA(origin) login verification. Send the verification code to email. Instead of receiving 6-digit verification code from email, here you can use the 8-digit BACKUP CODES we provided directly. If there is no Backup Codes provided, you will need to access the email inbox to receive the 6-digit verification code by yourself.

Step 7: Enter the FUT security answer.( please do not type wrong SECRET ANSWER over twice to avoid being locked)

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