FUT 22 Coins
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Q:Tips for getting FUT Coins or FUT Coins Via Comfort Trade 3.0 faster and easier.


1.Your Origin(EA) Login Verification Status MUST be On.

2.The Transfer Market of your Origin(EA) Account MUST be Unlocked on FUT Web App.
3.Origin(EA) Backup Codes MUST be provided for us to access your account. One Backup Code can be used for ONLY one time, make sure the Backup Codes you submitted are all NEW.
4.Leave 1,000 Coins at least in your account.
5.DONT login your account from anywhere(Including console&PC / FUT Companion App / FUT Web App) during the delivery.
6.Delivery Speed is: 1 Hour/100K-1000K.
7.U7BUY will send you E-mail notification as soon as the Comfort Trade is finished.

We focus on providing service for users, no financial product involved guaranteed. We abide by the laws of various countries, resolutely put an end to illegal acts.
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