FUT 20 Coins
Q:Tips for getting FUT Coins or FUT Coins Via Comfort Trade 3.0 faster and easier.

A: 1.Your Origin(EA) Login Verification Status MUST be On . 2.The Transfer Market of your Origin(EA) Account MUST be Unlocked on FUT Web App. 3.Origin(EA) Backup Codes MUST be provided for...

Q:How to turn on Origin(EA) Login Verification?

A: If you play FUT, then you have to turn on Login Verification to access FUT (FUT). You need it to access the Web or Companion apps, and you`ll be asked to turn it on to get into FUT on the console and PC....

Q:FUT Comfort Trade FAQ

A: (1) Q: How does FUT comfort trade work? A: With FUT comfort trade, your Origin(EA) Account and Origin(EA) Password is required, our automatic system will log your account and then transfer coins to your account....

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account