EA FC is a popular football video game. The 5 major European leagues are all its partners. Those popular game modes such as career mode, Pro Club, VOLTA, and UT are included. Maybe you are more familiar with the old name FIFA, but more and more players are already familiar with the new name.

FC 25 Gameplay

About EA FC

Release Date: September 29, 2023
Developer: EA Vancouver and EA Romania
Publisher: EA
Series: FIFA
Supported Platform: PS5, PS4, XBOX One, XBOX Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows
Genres: Sports

The Revolutionary New Features

HyperMotion V and Playstyles: A More Realistic Field

Instead of inviting players to studios and analyzing their movements by motion capture, EA uses AI to parse the players' performance in match footage this time for FC 24. According to the developers, this can make the performance of the players in the game as close as possible to the professional-level confrontation on the real field. Thus, you will experience much more authentic and tactical gameplay in EA FC.
Another significant improvement to FC 24 is Playstyles. With this new system, each player will receive signature perks that fit their personal style and are more likely to perform their famous tricks. For example, Erling Haaland with Power Header, Acrobatic Shot, Power Shot abilities, and David Beckham with Dead Ball, Long Ball Pass abilities. This feature may not contribute to the authenticity but will definitely make the game more exciting.

Women in Ultimate Team

As the other half of the soccer world, women have never received the deserved attention in this famous soccer video game series. But that ends now. In this generation, female players are also included in the Ultimate Team mode for the first time, allowing users to form their own teams using both male and female players.
In FC 24, male and female players have different advantages, but if two players have the same statics then there will be no difference in strength between them. Maybe you can see Haaland being knocked away by a female player in a physical confrontation.
After all, this generation is using the Frostbite Engine, which is famous for its wrecking physical effect in the Battlefield series. We believe it will surprise you.

Player Upgrades for Loyal Fans

The rich player catalog of the FIFA series has always been one of its biggest advantages, but it brings with it the rapid player falling into disuse. This is really unfriendly to those users who obtained their favorite star but have to keep it on the bench because of the powerful late-launch cards.
In EA FC 24, the developer introduces the upgrading system for you to enhance the OVR of some of your player cards. This new gameplay gives users more choices of their lineups.

FC 25 – Brief Introduction

EA FC 25 is the orthodox sequel to the FIFA series. Players can command their favorite team to reach the top in FUT 25 or play themselves in Career Mode to compete in major leagues. In addition, the FC 25 Ultimate Team mode also allows players to compete with other players and build their own dream team. FIFA 25 will bring you an authentic EA FC gaming experience with many major improvements.

Another unforgettable year has passed. After EA FC 24 brought us a whole year of happiness, players finally welcomed EA FC 25. U7BUY has also grandly launched the FIFA 25 coins trading service for the brand new title. As is well-known, FUT 25 is the second installment in the evergreen series after parting ways with FIFA

Players of previous games in the series know that the tradition is making small improvements with each installment. In FC, the new features you can experience include improved Youth Academy and AI applications. The former mainly focuses on improving the Career Mode, making the gameplay of discovering rookies richer and more realistic. The application of AI has greatly improved the single-player game experience, and CPU opponents will no longer be at the mercy of players.

If you want to take your FC 25 gaming experience to the next level, don’t forget U7BUY’s cheap EA FC 25 coins. In addition, when you plan to build an all-star team, we can also meet your needs. You can buy FIFA 25 players directly with FUT coins at here. For those players who are busy but still want to keep up with the game, we also provide FC points, FC boosting and coaching services to solve your problem.

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