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Final Fantasy XIV – How to Play the Samurai Job


The Samurai is one of the two new jobs from the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. Players that want to try this new class need to first have a level 50 disciple of magic or war character. They also need to have the expansion. The quest to unlock the new class is obtained in Ul'dah. The quest line for this Final Fantasy XIV job starts at level 50 and ends at current max level 70.

Samurai is a stand alone job. It doesn't matter what other job players have as long as it's one of the disciplines of war or magic and it's at least at level 50 which you could get with cheap FFXIV Power Level service offered by u7buy. When the Samurai is unlocked, it won't start at level 1 but at level 50 so players will be able to bring it to max level much faster. The Samurai is a damage dealing class and it specializes in close quarters combat. The weapon of choice is a katana that requires both hands to wield it. Players that start this job are advised to look for gear that boosts the strength attribute. This is the attribute from which the Samurai draws the most advantages. The unique class mechanics and combat techniques revolve around the katana which is a central element of the Samurai play style. Different sword fighting techniques are learned as the Samurai becomes a better fighter. Sen is a Samurai feature that gives players the chance to use truly unique abilities.
There are three types of Sen abilities. They are called snow, moon, and flower. Another unique Samurai mechanic is the power to absorb energy into their weapon. When the katana is saturated with energy, the Samurai is able to perform a one of a kind attack. When it comes to equipment, the Samurai has the same preferences as the Monk. The Samurai has traits (buffs) that boost strength. At the moment, this class is a popular DPS choice as it does very good damage and offers a new way to play the game. Now, it's time to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil cheap to get your Samurai armed.

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