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Final Fantasy XIV – Levequests Introduction


Final Fantasy XIV has multiple types of quests. One special category is called levequests. These are repeatable tasks. Players can get them from NPCs that are located in all major cities and other settlements. Levequests allow players to gain XP in their desired role. There are three types of levequests. 
Battlecraft leves require players to have a combat class or job active. All battle leves involve fighting mobs, defeating them, and sometimes acquiring certain items obtained as drops. When players accept a battlecraft quest, they can also set the difficulty. Completing a levequest at a higher difficulty will reward players with more XP. These quests are a good way to level a class or a job if the player has already completed main and side story quests with another character. Grand Company levequests are also included in this category. They are just like the battlecraft levequests but players will also obtain Grand Company seals as part of the reward. 
Fieldcraft leves are completed while players have a gathering role active. NPCs will task players with gathering various materials. Players first need to change into their gathering class to be able to obtain the needed items. In conjunction with the actual gathering, these leves make a good way to level up Final Fantasy XIV a discipline of the hand class. 
Tradecraft levequests require players to turn in crafted items. Players need to have a discipline of the hand active in order to craft the items. It's possible to craft the items in advance and turn them in after the quest was obtained. Players get XP for the selected crafting class when completing a tradecraft leve. 
Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion allows players to take part in large scale leves. These are just like normal leves but offer much better rewards. The requirements to complete a large scale leve are also more demanding. Players can obtain them by talking to an NPC in Ishgard. Large scale leves come in three types as well. Leve allowances are consumed when taking leves. They are automatically restored. Final Fantasy XIV Gil will help you finish these tasks easy, remember prepare enough before start. 

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