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Final Fantasy XIV - Copperbell Mines Boss Strategies


Kottos. This is the first boss encountered in the Copperbell Mines. The fight is extremely easy, it's pretty much just like fighting a mob that deals more damage and has more HP. There are no special tactics but there is a catch. The boss will spawn right after a group of adds was killed so it can happen that party members have abilities on cooldown or they are low on the resources needed to perform skills. It's advised to take it easy with the group of adds before the boss and save powerful abilities for Kottos.
Ichorous Ire. Unlike Kottos, this boss requires some attention from all party members. This boss cannot be damaged through conventional methods. Players will notice blasting devices in the boss room. When someone interacts with them, an add called Blasting Cap will spawn. The add explodes after a while causing the boss the divide into smaller blobs. It's important to move out of the AOE area to avoid damage. There will be another type of add spawning and this has to be killed immediately. Eventually, the boss will split into eight blobs and this is when it can be taken down. The blobs take damage and don't have too much HP.  
Gyges the Great. This is the last boss in the Copperbell Mines. In the boss room, players will notice two boulders on opposites sides of the room. From time to time, the boss will smash a boulder. This will cause the wall to collapse and an add called Stone Servant to spawn. The add immediately goes towards the other boulder and starts damaging it. It's important to take the add down before it finishes smashing the boulder. The add doesn't aggro so the tank will stay on Gyges the entire time. The tank must avoid the frontal cone attack as it leads to unnecessary damage. DPS will target the boss as long as an add is not up. Now it's time to follow this guide to beat the boss. U7buy have prepared enough cheap FFXIV Gil for your buying. FFXIV Power Leveling service is online for sale too. Welcome to visit u7buy. 

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