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Final Fantasy XIV - Five Reasons to Join a Free Company


Meeting other players. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG and even though there are systems that automatically group up players for PvE and PvP nothing beats social player interaction. The game has one of the friendliest MMO communities. No matter if players are interested in PvE or PvP, they will find a free company that matches their taste. There are also social free companies that do not focus on specific activities but provide a casual and fun environment where members can share jokes and discuss anything that crosses their minds.
Free company actions. These are actually perks unlocked when the free company gets rank five. For 24 hours, members of the free company can enjoy the effects of a perk chosen by the officers. The effects vary from increased XP to increased attributes and reduced teleportation costs. There are lots of actions available but only one can be active at a time.
Getting help from company members. Final Fantasy XIV is a huge game and being a new player can be overwhelming at times. While newbies are encouraged to look up online guides or explanations for features, they can also ask in the free company chat for help. For example, if they need a certain FFXIV item crafted or if they want to know where an item is found, there might be a company member that can help.
Free company house. This is basically the headquarters that can be entered by all members of a free company. All can enter but access to features is decided by the officers. Players can rent a room in the free company house and use it as their own. The company house can be used as a personal house and all members can contribute to its development.
Free company crafting. Players can learn how to craft aetherial wheels and various items from home decorations to airships which will  help a lot and save Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Members of a free company that has its own airship gain access to an activity called exploratory voyages.

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