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Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward PvP Guide


Seal Rock (Seize) is a Final Fantasy XIV PvP mode that shares some similarities with Frontlines. Players have 20 minutes to acquire the necessary amount of resources to win the match. Three teams of maximum 24 members fight to achieve this objective. Allagan tomeliths contain the resources that need to be gathered. These resources are actually called data. The team that is currently controlling a tomelith is able to extract data from it. When the relic becomes inactive no more data can be acquired from it. The best and most used strategy here is just to stick with the group and move from tomelith to tomelith as they become inactive. It's also possible to divide the fighting force and go on a hunt for enemy players as each kill equals less data for the team whose player was killed. Seal Rock (Seize) rewards include PvP XP, Wolf marks, tomestones of esoterics and law. Players acquire rewards depending on their performance.
Field of Glory (Shatter), the second Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward PvP mode, is based on Seize mode but adds a few more challenges. The objective, time limit and party size requirements are the same. The match takes place on a new map with different terrain. Players will notice a second type of data relics called Icebound Tomeliths. Allagan tomeliths are also present and work pretty much the same as in Seize mode. Icebound relics are not active when the match begins. After a while, they will activate at random times. Players from any team can attack them once they are active. Teams get data after the relics are destroyed depending on how damage they did to the relic. Because of the random activation times for icebound relics, things can get pretty hectic in Field of Glory. Teams need to pick an objective and focus on it. Some teams decide to concentrate on killing enemies while others might want to farm the ice relics. No matter of the chosen goal, players should stick together and work for their objectives as a team. Cheap  FFXIV Gil will help you a lot ingame same as cheap FFXIV Power Level service whcih you could buy online sites like u7buy.com.

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