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Final Fantasy XIV - How to Defeat Ifrit On Extreme Mode


The Bowl of Embers is a Final Fantasy XIV trial that pits players against Ifrit. It's a level 50 trial and it can be pretty challenging. There is a lot of AOE going on, players must be careful about their positioning and also perform their roles as effectively as possible. 
Ifrit is mostly a single target fight as there are no adds that require tanking. The boss will be tanked in one of the four quadrants of the area. The active tank sits in front of the boss while the off tank sits on the side to avoid damage. DPS players and healers will stand behind the boss. Tanks must switch when one of them gets three stacks of the debuff. One of the two healers will always be affected by Searing Winds, an AOE that does lots of damage. The affected healer must move out of the group. The other one should stand somewhere between the affected healer and the group to be ready to move away once the debuff switches targets. Ifrit does a massive AOE attack that covers the entire area in fire. There are only two relatively small areas that are safe. All players should be ready to change locations to avoid damage. The spot of these locations changes after Hellfire is cast. That's why the boss is moved to the next quadrant. The off tank and another player will be sometimes linked by a spell that does more damage as the two targets move apart from each other. The affected players should sit close to each other. Ifrit has a rush ability that can be fatal. It is performed four times. Players will eventually learn its pattern and know where to move to avoid damage. 
There will be some stationary adds that require no tanking but require immediate attention from DPS players. These nails adds must be killed one at a time. A kill order should be decided before the raid. Final Fantasy XIV players need an item level of 70 to be able to take part in this encounter.
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