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Final Fantasy XIV - What Do You Need to Know Before Choosing a Grand Company


Final Fantasy XIV has a system called Grand Company that allows players to join an organization. Unlike factions in other MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, players from different Grand Companies are not PvP enemies. Players will obtain the quest that enables them to join a Grand Company as they follow the main story scenario. This happens early in game when characters are around level 20. All companies will be presented and players will be asked to make a choice. Each Grand Company is associated with a Final Fantasy XIV city. It's important to note that players can join any company. The city of origin has no impact on this decision. The Grand Company from Limsa Lominsa is called The Maelstom. The one from Ul'dah is the Immortal Flames. Twin Adder is the Grand Company that is based in Gridania. Players shouldn't delay this choice as they will be given their Chocobo through the Grand Company. The Chocobo serves as mount and battle companion. 
After players have joined a Grand Company, they will be able to perform various company related activities that allow them to earn tokens and to increase their standing with the company by purchasing ranks. There are tons of tasks that can be completed for a Grand Company. These include supply, provision, expert delivery missions and leves. Players acquire Company Seals that are exchanged at the quartermaster for various FFXIV items. These seals are the currency needed to buy company ranks. Players get access to better rewards as they increase their rank. Other items that are bought from the quartermaster include weapons, equipment and materials. Each company has personalized gear. 
Players are allowed to switch their Grand Company. The first time they will be able to change it for free but for the next switches they will be asked to pay a 50,000 Final Fantasy XIV gil fee. When players join a new Grand Company they will have the lowest ranks. Players switch companies to obtain some specific items such as bardings and minions. If they join a company they were previously part of, they recover their rank so it's possible to have max rank with all Grand Companies at a time. 

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