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Final Fantasy XIV - What You Need to Know Before Choosing the Dragoon Job


Final Fantasy XIV Dragoon is a damage dealing job with a melee combat style. Players that are interested in becoming a Dragoon need to pick Lancer as starting class. The guild for this class is found in Gridania. They will level up the Lancer, mainly with story quests, until level 30 which you could reach fast with FFXIV Power Leveling service. The secondary Dragoon class is Marauder. Players have to travel to Limsa Lominsa to unlock the Marauder class. This second class has the be leveled to 15. Once the two class requirements have been completed, players will receive the quest to become a Dragoon. The NPC that gives the quest is located in the Lancers guild. After players finish the quest and receive the Dragoon soul item, they will start acquiring XP for this job.  
Dragoons are excellent single target damage dealers. Their favorite weapons are polearms. To maximize damage, Dragoons use strength as main attribute and critical strike as secondary stat, but other secondary stats can also be valuable. The general rule when picking a piece of equipment is to choose the one with the most strength. Dragoons deal damage using skill combos. There are five combos that involve two abilities and two combos that require three abilities. Abilities are used in a specific order to achieve the combo. The tertiary Dragoon class is the Pugilist so players can use abilities from this class as well. Some of the Pugilist abilities that will benefit a Dragoon are Featherfoot (boosts evasion), Second Wind (restore HP), Haymaker (usable after evasion, deals damage), Internal Release (boosts critical hit rate) and Mantra (boosts received healing for self and party members). All these are nice support skills but they're not mandatory for damage dealing. Dragoons make a great job choice for players who like to deal heavy damage with combos and leap attacks. This job also has good mobility and a few support abilities that make it a valuable team addition. Play well with cheap FFXIV Gil offered by u7buy now!   

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